Investment Advisory Software Applications

Regulatory requirements and increased pressure on margins have put investment advisory services under significant pressure in recent years. Here we show you how an API-based investment advisory solution from aixigo is successful in this environment and paves the way to innovative and future-proof business models.

The scope of the solutions ranges from solutions for specific sub-processes to complete solutions for the entire advisory process. 

  • Many years of experience and sound knowledge from behavioural finance flow into our risk profile solution.
  • The financial software for holistic strategic advisory at asset class level supports the development of new and the expansion of existing customer relationships and deliberately shifts outside the specific product recommendations and thus outside of regulatory requirements.
  • You achieve maximum process efficiency and security with a comprehensive investment advisory solution that guides the investment advisor easily through a flexible workflow that meets all regulatory requirements and automates all non-value-adding but necessary activities, leaving the advisor more time to maintain customer relationships.
  • Digital affine customers can be reached with a completely digital investment advisory service which works in conjunction with personal advice and saves the valuable time of advisors.

Digital Portfolio Adjustment

Rethink and focus your digitalisation efforts

The complete digitalisation of advisory services still lacks acceptance among customers today, because the development of technical skills that build a trusting relationship, show empathy and react adequately to customer uncertainties is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, there are meaningful digitalisation activities in investment advisory services.

Why don't you change your perspective and ask "What kind of investment advice can be completely digitalised?" instead of "How can investment advice be completely digitalised?" With aixigo, you digitise those advisory services that do not require hands on human skills. After a comprehensive personal advisory session, for example, simple rebalancing or switch recommendations can work just as well without human presentation.

Reduce expenses dramatically

All activities within an investment advisory can be digitised creating a drastic reduction in human effort, while generating significantly higher contact frequency with the customer at the same time:

The system based on sales campaigns and portfolio monitoring, or initiated manually by the advisor, identify customers for whom a digital approach is applicable. The system automatically generates customer-specific MiFID-compliant investment recommendations, intuitively and well prepared for the digital channel - naturally including a statement of suitability and any required attachments. Finally, the recommendations are transmitted electronically to the customer and a simple decision is made: The client can accept the recommendation, reject it or arrange an appointment with the advisor. You can go one step further by having the customer initiate the automatic generation and digital processing of such investment advice.

Add #digital to your image

With aixigo's digital portfolio adjustment, you can also create a digital customer experience in investment advisory that effectively complements your range of products and services and allows you to leverage potential in business with digitally affine customer groups. This positive experience increases the customer's willingness to make decisions according to your recommendations and through habit forming is automatically included in the repertoire of regular digital customer activities.

Human advisory services can focus even more on complex advisory cases and building customer loyalty, as well as on target groups that do not accept digital advisory services.

Modernise your IT architecture step by step with low risk

The modular approach to digitising services enables you to implement your digitalisation strategy with extremely low risk and to firstly focus your activities on those services that add immediate value digitally.

Digital Advisory Assistant for the Advisor

Benefit from maximum process efficiency and robust quality

The digital advisory assistant offers you complete investment advice, including concrete product recommendations and allocation.

Similar to the principle of a driving assistant, the advisor is supported where people have natural weaknesses. The digital advisory assistant automates all process steps that machines can perform more efficently than humans, for example the rapid processing of large amounts of data or compliance with complex processes.

The efficency gained benefits you in the following points:

  • the calculation and presentation of portfolio key figures
  • comparison with target values and determination of deviations
  • the generation of recommendations based on customer specifications and bank allocation rules
  • the preparation of a statement of suitability including all the necessary attachments
  • complete and plausible

With the digital advisory assistant, you bring maximum efficiency into the investment advisory process and can guarantee a consistently high quality of advice. Yon can save not only the customer but also the advisor time.

In this way, investment advice can be permanently established as an economically attractive business segment. 

Offer individual investment advice for all target groups

Since the system frees the advisor from time-consuming process steps, the advisor has the opportunity to concentrate fully on the advisory session and the individual needs of their customers. The system ensures that the various requirements of retail, affluent and private banking clients with regard to the advisory process, asset class and product universe can be fully taken into account by giving the advisor maximum flexibility - for example entering customer specifications, alternative product recommendations or deviating allocations and products at the express request of the client.

Rely on proven regulatory compliance

aixigo has many years of experience in regulatory compliant investment advisory solutions. Our systems eliminate regulatory risks through the secure framework of the advisory workflow, which prevents advisory errors and gives both clients and advisors security. An integrated quality assurance process identifies all advisory documentation to be checked using a four-eyes principle and redirects it from the workflow for checking and approval and if necessary correction.

Our financial software solutions at a glance

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