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With the digitalisation of the financial sector, software is a crucial component for financial service providers. Simplicity, individuality and professionalism are important criteria: Simpliciity for the integration into the IT landscape and ease of use, individuality for workflows, functionality and algorithms, and professionalism in the project cooperation and operations. This is what aixigo stands for.

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Specialising in the "digitisation of the financial sector", aixigo is an established financial technology provider of innovative software for banks and financial service providers, focussing on the digitisation of wealth management and investment advice.

Our aixigo High Performance API platform is the heart of our Wealthtech innovations. It offers a total of over 100 services for a wide variety of customer experiences. This is an imperative feature of our platform because if you want to win against the competition from other financial service providers, you have to offer customers real digital value-added experiences. Not only are you competing globally with your own industry but in the digital space you are also competing against social media channels that accompany your customers in every day life. With aixigo’s financial software, you can meet customers' digital service expectations in the financial sector. Be one step ahead of the digitalisation of the financial industry. 

Application Examples of our Financial Software

With an aixigo financial software solution, we can put you in a position to leverage potential that previously seemed unattainable. The innovative and sustainable solutions allow you to address new customer segments and thus gain and expand new market shares. It can help to relieve margin pressure by establishing tools that give all process elements an efficiency boost and have a proven track record with compliance and regulatory requirements. Increasing customer expectations, characterised by privately used digital services, are answered by customer-oriented, beneficial content for all communication channels. Flexibly integrable solutions, fast, scalable and designed for secure operation in large scale business, support your bank's modern IT strategy. Our application examples of aixigo solutions will give you a taste of the potential you can exploit with aixigo.

Digitalisation of the Financial Sector – aixigo’s Software Solutions

aixigo´s software platform provides API-based capabilities for innovative financial software. The platform consists of the following products – portfolio analysis software, digital wealth management softwareinvestment advice software and our portfolio risk management software. This enables us to map all important functionalities and processes of investment advice, digital wealth management as well as portfolio analysis, monitoring & reporting and risk management of customer portfolios. The modular structure allows a flexible combination of standard functionalities that can be configured and extended to meet individual client requirements to create solutions that meet your requirements 100%.

The solid foundation of base functionalities, which are included in every software solution only have to be licensed once, which offers positive economies of scale for rolling out further solutions from other product areas. The technology for aixigo's Open API platform is our USP: it is flexible, fast and highly scalable. This combination is unique in the market. 

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