USPs of our Financial Software Technology

Discover the USPs of our technology for your financial services. We make the difference with end-to-end state-of-the-art or even out-of-the-box technology that brings decisive advantages to your software solution. Our financial software is characterised by immense flexibility, unprecedented speed and true mass suitability and, unlike the "Magic Triangle", we offer all three capabilities simultaneously. Technology is our passion - and not an end in itself. With the USPs of our software, you also have a real advantage over your competitors.

Experience our financial software USPs

Our financial software has three special features that stand out on their own, but also in combination with all other financial software solutions on the market. Take a look at our USP films, in which we use real-life and technical parts to explain the special features to you.

Mass Suitability – 3,000 Requests/Second: Scalability to Perfection!

The digitalisation of services leads to a fundamentally different customer behaviour: Not only are many users being served simultaneously, but the frequency of access is also much higher. All in all, this quickly leads to a system load that is 100 times higher than in the classic, non-digital business. In order to cope with this load, a system must be consistently mass-capable - like aixigo's API-based platform, which has an average throughput of 3,000 requests per second. The streaming architecture uses high-speed interconnects for highly efficient data transport. Sound queuing and parallelisation enable simultaneous processing on many computing units at the same load, regardless of the complexity of the tasks. Load balancing ensures that the solutions are also designed for operation in clustersMultiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) ensures a consistent view of the data at all times, despite intraday data delivery and longer running processes, such as the creation of a quarterly report for one million customers. This mass suitability enables 24/7 operation, an outstanding customer experience and is also prepared for growth - the indispensable basis for a future-proof solution and thus one of the USPs of aixigo technology!

Speed – Response Times Under 10 ms, Thanks to Cache-oblivious Algorithms

Innovative human-machine interaction or spontaneous and flexible ad-hoc analyses require unparalleled speed – a USP that our platform masters more than any other! Cache-oblivious algorithms minimise the unproductive waiting time of CPUs and can perform calculations without relevant delays. This extremely low latency leads to fast response times of less than 10 ms, which even makes it fully suitable for voice interaction, e.g. with Amazon Alexa or similar devices, because a fluent dialog is essential for these services. Even for flexible analyses, which cannot be precalculated, the system achieves very fast response times, even for complex calculations of less than 300 ms. Clever prefetching algorithms understand which data is likely to be needed next and procure it in a predictive and appropriate order. The available cache is used optimally. The in-memory database takes over the task of quickly supplying the data for the cache.

Flexibility – Flexible Business Processes, Flexible Automation Thanks to the Platform's Microservice Architecture

Our software products are completely API-based. The RESTful Open API contains over 100 directly usable services, well documented and easy to use. A comprehensive foundation for your individual solution. For the best-of-breed approach, you will receive the appropriate puzzle pieces or you can create them yourself. The aixigo software platform is designed in a consistent microservice architecture that allows clear business segmentation and thus easy extensibility - in case you have special requirements that cannot be met by existing services. We model your specific business processes in the BPMN language according to your requirements using Microservices - with the option of complete automation. Plug-ins enable customer-specific extensions to user interfaces, business processes, algorithms and calculations, data models and data interfaces - that's real flexibility that leaves nothing to be desired! aixigo also offers you the choice of software operation: you can install your financial software classically on-premises, operate it in your private cloud or aixigo’s cloud, aws or Microsoft Azure, also as SaaS

Our USPs provide you with unique financial software

Read what our USPs of financial technology can do for you in our application examples of the various product areas!

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