aixigo’s Financial Software Technology

How our Financial Software can Help you Meet the Challenges of Digitalisation

State-of-the-art financial software needs cutting-edge technology to implement a digitalisation strategy that meets all modern challenges. aixigo's financial technology is unique in terms of speed and holds its own against the best solutions in terms of mass suitability and flexibility.

Digitalisation Presents Challenges for the IT Strategy of Banks and Financial Service Providers

The digital solutions in wealth management and the financial technology required today is confronted with challenging requirements: Innovative, user-friendly offerings from Fintech's niche specialists, a completely different, significantly more frequent digital customer contact, increasing cost pressure from regulation and competing offerings, or the urgent need to modernise IT architecture.

Financial Technology – What does our Software Offer your Customers?

aixigo provides the financial technology software you need to meet today's and tomorrow's needs and enable your bank's IT to be fast, mass-suited, and flexible. Today's customers want access to their financial services at any time, flexible evaluations based on personal questions and answers within the shortest possible time - even when using modern voice interaction devices. 

Who is aixigo's financial technology suitable for?

aixigos financial software is 100% API-based and can therefore be designed with unlimited flexibility. For each customer segment, whether retail, affluent or (U)HNWI, specific software solutions can be used that are adapted to the needs. More than 100 microservices of the REST-API flow, for example, into online portfolios for the self-directed customer, customer views in the investment advisory software or the discretionary portfolio management software as well as personal risk management.

What does our Financial Software Technology do for the Banking Industry?

In addition to beneficial financial software for your customers, aixigo's financial technology offers innovative and future-proof software especially for the back, middle and front offices of banks and financial service providers. Cache-oblivious algorithms and the in-memory database ensure incomparably high speed, streaming, queuing and parallelisation as well as load balancing and clustering capability ensure absolute mass suitability, while the professional microservice architecture and free modelling of business processes with over 100 ready-to-use API services guarantee the most extensive flexibility.

Our financial software – your solution

aixigo’s financial technology opens new possibilities for professional and innovative portfolio analysis, clever portfolio monitoring and scalable portfolio reporting. Our investment advisory software makes your advisory process more efficient than ever before, while meeting regulatory requirements in a proven manner. Wealth managers receive a professional tool for discretionary portfolio management, which can be automated to a large extent or even completely. Solid risk management with the Risk Engine rounds off our broad range of securities-related financial software. 

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aixigo's platform forms the basis for innovative software solutions in the financial sector. 

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