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Portfolio Analysis and Portfolio Monitoring at Enormous Speed

Our portfolio analysis software provides extensive features for your portfolio analysis and monitoring. Portfolio data is a valuable asset, which has generally not yet been fully exploited. aixigo's API-based portfolio analysis capabilities make it possible to process data from different sources at tremendous speed, enhance it by synthesising different analysis results and generate ad hoc findings that allow recommendations for action to be derived.

In this way, data first becomes information and then knowledge. The portfolio monitoring capabilities flexibly monitors all relevant key figures, quality measures and benchmarks and produces a robust framework for the necessary measures at all times. The portfolio reporting capabilities help to give customer and employees a clear and complete picture of past developments, status quo and outlook, or to provide targeted information based on current events.This way, advisers will be able to ensure the best services for their customers' wealth.

Discover the functions of our portfolio analysis software

What is so special about the use of our portfolio analysis software?

Portolio Analysis

  • Comprehensive portfolio analysis with a detailed overview of prior development and status quo
  • Comprehensive flexible attribution and contribution according to freely definable criteria (asset classes, industries, sectors...)
  • Aggregation(single paper, individual customer, customer groups, entire bank)
  • Without pre-calculation, very easy to perform ad hoc through powerful algorithms for efficient processing of large data volumes


Portfolio Monitoring

Configurable fully automated monitoring
Configurable fully automatic monitoring for alert generation and monitoring of portfolio key figures.


Portfolio Reporting

High-speed mass reporting for millions of customers
High-speed mass reporting for millions of customers in various output formats or raw data provision (e.g. for quarterly portfolio report).

Extensive configuration of the report contents
Extensive configuration of report contents according to bank or customer requirements (address, design, content).

goal tracking

risk KPIs

bond KPIs


portfolio risk

risk factors


quality parameter


illiquid assets

portfolio overview


corporate actions

back testing

stress testing


structure analysis

loss  & profit

cash flow 



scenario analysis



portfolio aggregation






loss monitoring


KPI monitoring

These business values are delivered through our portfolio analysis software for your wealth management

Say goodbye to rigid analysis boundaries

All calculated key figures are always up to date, not pre-calculated; they are, as necessary, determined by our high-performance API in real time on the basis of price data, master data and transaction data, and are made available without delay.

Inspire your customers with an superior online portal

Use auto-decisionmakers for a performance advantage, instead of engaging in price wars with low yields. With aixigo’s portfolio analysis software, you can offer your customers convincing and distinctive deluxe content for their online portal, giving your offer a competitive advantage!

Attract the Digital Attention of your Customers

Beneficial information promotes the customers desire to frequently view their own portal. Regularity becomes habit, which in turn becomes customer loyalty - without further time investment by advisors. Use the aixigo Portfolio Analytics API to automatically provide up-to-date, personal, relevant and value-adding information in the online portal, presented in an attractive, easy to consume manner.

Take a Relaxed Look at Legal Deadlines

Complying with extensive regulatory requirements is mandatory - but doing so does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. aixigo’s portfolio analysis software guarantees reliable, qualitatively flawless creation of all required and desired reports. The system easily meets legal deadlines, even with extremely large customer or deposit numbers.

Give your Portfolio Reporting an Efficiency Boost

With aixigo’s portfolio analysis software, your reporting process can reach an STP rate of 100% thanks to complete automation from the point of triggering the generation, to the complete generation of the required information and content, to the provision of the reports within your DMS infrastructure – the optimal point in process efficiency. aixigo's technology enables stable processes, high speeds and excellent scalability for the mass creation of reports: the system effortlessly processes 500,000 portfolios per hour.

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