Our Services in Project Implementation

There is an idea at the beginning of every successful software solution. In order to implement your idea, you can access our multifaceted services. From rough and detailed conceptionimplementation and integration to test support and user training.

Our goal is to provide you with a holistic, comprehensive and requirement-oriented project service - and project management that always keeps the successful handling of the respective project phase with its tasks in focus.

We offer you support for every single step on the way to a solution, so that the clear project implementation of your software will be a success.

Specification & Documentation

The detailed conception describes the various solution components of your financial software in detail. Examples could be for the frontend, algorithm, report, data model, test case or interface specifications. These specifications are created by aixigo hand in hand with the implementation during the project. This maintains the flexibility to respond to new findings in the course of the project and thus reduces economic, technical, technical and scheduling risks. The specifications also serve as documentation. The documents are adapted parallel to changes in the solution, so that you always have up-to-date documentation available, e.g. for audit processes.

    Our services

    Results of the detailed conception

    • The comprehensible functional description of processes
    • The specification of the user interface with functional description of contained functionalities
    • The UI design taking into account UX standards and your corporate design
    • The detailed conception of powerful and technically demanding algorithms
    • The technical specification of high-performance and robust data structures
    • The detailed specification of all incoming and outgoing interfaces to other systems of your infrastructure or external providers
    • The definition of test concepts and test cases in preparation for smooth operation
    • Software documentation for audits

    Your benefit

    • aixigo's many years of experience
    • Clear implementation templates for smooth implementation by aixigo or your development teams
    • Fast implementation start through agile conception
    • Less effort for the preparation of audit processes due to documentation of the software provided

    API-Coaching & Knowledge Transfer

    Our financial software is based on our powerful API. This opens the door for you to develop your own software solution. With our API coaching services, we make our application knowledge available to you. They explore the possibilities of the API in an efficient way, so that you can quickly get started with the implementation of your functionalities.

    Our services

    API Basics

    In a 1-day workshop we will introduce you briefly and concisely to the possibilities of our API. Not by theory, but hands-on, supported by applicable examples.

    API Boot Camp

    You will receive a deep understanding and professional usage of our API in a 5-day, intensive training course. Our API experts will guide you through the different areas, so that you can try out the implementation of concepts directly in practice.

    API Coaching as a Service

    Support on demand is available through our API Coaching Service. You have a direct line to our experts, who will answer your specific application questions and give you valuable implementation tips. Choose the most suitable communication channel for you, e.g. chat, video session, remote access, etc.

    Your benefit

    • Coaching tailored to your needs
    • Targeted development of practical knowledge
    • Quick introduction to the use of the API
    • Expert support

    Implementation & Customisation

    Since 1999, aixigo has had experience in the development of banking solutions in the asset management sector. Using modern technologies, we design high-quality, innovative and extremely high-performance software solutions for the various internal user groups ( advisors, portfolio managers, asset managers, etc.) as well as for your end customers.

    Our solutions are based on the components of the aixigo platform, which form the basis. If required, customer-specific extensions can be integrated. These provide a plug-in mechanism that leaves the basis unchanged and allows customer-specific elements to be integrated comfortably and securely.

    The requirements for a frontend for financial software vary from customer to customer. In addition to the consideration of the corporate design, there are often customer-specific contents and processes that require specific visualisation especially in the frontend. In order to reduce time, budget and risk, aixigo generally uses basic solutions for frontend and report development in the form of blueprints, which very often already meet the majority of requirements. As part of solution design, a gap analysis reveals shortcomings between the basic solution and customer requirements, which are then resolved on a customer-specific basis.

    Our services

    • Standard functionalities from the aixigo platform
    • Individual configuration and extension
    • State-of-the-art technology
    • REST interface and microservices
    • Platform independent and responsive frontends
    • Automated tests for quality assurance
    • Penetration tests by external companies
    • Established, interdisciplinary project teams
    • Software operation on-premises, in the cloud or as software as a service

    Your benefit

    • Superior performance and scalability
    • Extensive flexibility in terms of extensibility and usage
    • Technologies, operating and licensing models for modern IT strategy and sustainable usability
    • Many years of expertise as well as well mastered techniques in project management and solution implementation
    • Intuitive and efficient user interfaces
    • Confirmed reliability of the solutions


    The integration of our financial software is based on the well-documented aixigo standard interfaces. When integrating aixigo software into your architecture, we are happy to advise your IT department, put you in touch with an integration partner or help you develop interfaces yourself. In our many years of experience working in the banking sector, we have become acquainted with and integrated a wide variety of core banking systems. Accordingly, we are not committed to integration into a specific core banking system.

    Our services

    Consulting & Mediation

    • You will receive our interface documentation and we will share our wealth of experience so that you can connect your systems yourself or one of your partners can handle the integration while we are available to answer your questions.
    • We establish the contact between you and one of our partners, who already has experience with the integration of aixigo software into various core banking systems.


    • In the first step, we support you with the installation of the system - on site or remotely - and then develop the necessary interfaces to connect your systems to the aixigo financial software.
    • We flank our services with quality assurance measures. We create a concept for integration tests, including the creation of test cases and test execution with subsequent error analysis and correction. Quality assurance is based on your test data in order to guarantee realistic tests.

    Your benefit

    • Full flexibility in the choice of approach and partners
    • Active support for your employees during in-house implementation
    • Use of existing expertise for integration with different core banking systems
    • Reliable quality through competent QA measures from aixigo

    Data Migration

    Data history is a valuable asset. In order to use this asset in an aixigo solution, it is necessary to migrate the relevant data history. Transaction data, securities master data and price data series are the central basis on which our algorithms are based. To refine this data and make it available quickly, flexibly and suitable for the mass market. Quality assurance is just as important in data migration as it is in the development of interfaces for current data.

    Our services

    • Migration concept including schedule
    • Enhancement of the quality of data in the source systems
    • Operational execution of the data migration
    • Monitoring and logging of the results
    • Quality assurance measures

    Your benefit

    • Complete utilisation of your valuable data history
    • Improvement of data quality for all systems
    • Operational relief during the planning, execution and monitoring of the migration

    Test Support On-Site

    Quality is, along with scope, budget and schedule, an elementary component of project success. And yet quality assurance regularly becomes a challenge at the end of the project in the narrow time window between completion and go-live. This is exactly where our test service comes in. Our employees help you to create test cases for your acceptance tests and support you on site by systematically processing the defined test cases and documenting the test results.

    Our services

    • Support in defining test cases or entire test scenarios
    • Semantic or syntactic review of test cases
    • Manual processing of extensive test scenarios
    • Documentation of test results
    • Competent analysis of test results with regard to improvement potential including evaluation and recommendation
    • Automation of tests with the help of test software

    Your benefit

    • The security of going live with proven quality
    • Shorten the test phase through the availability of additional resources
    • Avoidance of continuous peak workload for your own employees
    • Efficient execution of the tests by employees who are already experts in the functionality of the software

    User Training

    At aixigo when we develop complete solutions, such as an investment advisory process, we focus not only on the business, regulatory and technical requirements, but also on user experience. It is very important to us that our financial software is as easy to use as possible. After all, your users often use the software solutions in direct contact with your customers.

    Additionally we offer comprehensive user training, so that the users are familiar with the full functionality from day one.

    Our services

    • Role specific training
    • Creation of individual training concepts and materials
    • Support of your lecturers in self-designed training activities
    • Training of key users through train-the-trainer measures

    Your benefit

    • Trained users can leverage the potential of the solution from day one
    • A catalogue of options for the type and scope of training measures to suit your needs
    • Tailored training concepts 

    Successful Project Management

    No matter which approach you prefer when managing a project, the project management will be an accompanying feature. It helps to keep track of the overall project and its individual elements, meet schedules, ensure the appropriate allocation of resources and much more.

    However, project management does not always have to be done by yourselves. Our partners offer many years of experience in the holistic management of IT projects in the banking sector. In addition, it can be beneficial to entrust this task to an objective external party, for example if tensions are to be expected among the internal project participants or insufficient capacity can be provided for project control.

    For us, a project does not end with the start of productive operation. The coordination of the upcoming tasks as well as a good communication, which makes the status of the project and the decisions to be made transparent and offers decision support, are also valuable during ongoing operations. Our project teams have an overview here and involve you in project managing and planning.

      Our Services

      • Regular status calls and reports
      • Access to our task management system Jira
      • Joint prioritisation of bug fixing and extension requests
      • Planning of new releases
      • Sparring partner for new ideas


      Your benefit

      • Smoother handling of projects
      • Appropriate personnel allocation – both quantitatively and qualitatively
      • Transparency about the status of your project

      Do you already know how you want to run your software?

      In addition to our services during the software project, we offer you various options for the operation of your software during and after going live. 

      Software operation with aixigo