Project Cooperation with aixigo

What does our cooperation with you look like in the context of developing a software solution for your company?

In times of digitalisation, software projects can quickly become confusing. With aixigo as your partner, you not only acquire state-of-the-art technology to sustain your position in a constantly changing competitive field, but also many years of expertise in the project implementation of software solutions. You can rely on our tried and tested methods and project procedures at every stage of project cooperation. We are flexible as to which tasks should be taken over by us, by you or by your partners.

We are also happy to implement an agile approach in other aspects of project work. Together we implement your ideas of a perfect project.

Waterfall or Agile – Which is Your Preferred Project Approach?

Software project work has always been an integral part of our business, which is why we can look back on our long project experience and draw conclusions for current and future software projects. There is no one size fits all model. In order to find the ideal approach for the project and all participants, it is important to understand the concerns and objectives of our clients.

We therefore consider, for example, the following points:

  • different, perhaps even opposite expectations of stakeholders
  • superior company goals
  • established and best practices
  • internal or external framework conditions that limit your alternatives
  • pressure to act due to the competitive situation


Together we will find out which project approach best suits your environment. This is the ideal approach for the specific task!


Finding the right project procedure


The classic, waterfall-oriented project approach is suitable for projects whose requirements are very clear and whose environment is characterised by low complexity. Typical examples are smaller change requests with clear requirements. 


Innovation projects that contain complex requirements and can be found in an environment of high complexity (for example, with many actors or interwoven technical components) do well under an agile method during the entire project period. Small increments, always focused on maximising business value, and frequent iterations keep risk manageable, allowing for early insights and speedy corrections, and quick first-time benefits.


In our experience, a hybrid project approach lends itself to projects whose environment has medium complexity and whose requirements are in some cases still unclear. A classical phase model combined with iterative and incremental elements shows good results here. One example is the introduction of software for an investment advisory process with well-known process steps and additional, new, custom requirements.


Minimise project risk

Each project is associated with risks in terms of functionality, budget and time frame. At the beginning of a project, we would like to have time with you to look at the solution requirements and design a solution design - with the goal of getting a good picture of functionality, budget, and realistic schedule.

We do not go down to the last detail, but consciously let the concepts be rough in order to give you flexibility in the project for adjustments. This benefits all project participants: the project risks are considerably reduced, you get planning security and yet you do not have to do without flexibility

We are also familiar with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach and fill it with life by providing a useful little piece of software at an early stage that a first group of users will already love.

On-Site or at aixigo – Where Does the Project Take Place?

It is our goal to give you an good all-round project experience. For us, this includes efficient project cooperation - including the combination of your and our expertise. A recurring question here is whether the work takes place on your premises or at our premises in Aachen. We are happy to answer this question in a differentiated manner rather than on a flat-rate basis.


Raising efficiency potential

Our experience is that tasks should be undertaken where they can best be done. Whether this be at your premises or at aixigo in Aachen, Germany, or at different locations using modern communication technology. In this way, we noticeably minimise unproductive travel times and costs.

For each project task we decide together where we want to locate it. For decision support, we consider various decision parameters, for example:

  • Effectiveness in coordination with necessary experts
  • Identification of employees within the project
  • Understanding as a project team from two or more companies
  • Travel times of the persons involved
  • Costs for travel and accommodation incl. meals
  • Suitable equipment at workplaces
  • Setup times when changing workplaces
  • Negative effects of longer separation from the social environment


Project Collaboration - Example for optimal use of different locations

Let's take a look at two examples in the context of project collaboration:

  1. Clarification of interfaces

    Requirements for the interfaces between aixigo's software and your other applications are best clarified with the experts at your site, where we benefit from direct access to the systems and do not require any special workplace equipment for our employees.

  2. Development of project-specific extensions

    For an efficient and high-quality implementation of your requirements, we have the necessary expert knowledge and the appropriate tools in our project teams and, if required, additional expertise in our platform & consulting teams. This is why we usually locate this task at aixigo, but make intensive use of today's possibilities of remote work in order to exchange ideas with you in detail. We have conference systems (e.g. Microsoft Surface Hub), classic telephone and video conferences, chats or remote support and access tools at our disposal.

Get an overview of our services during project implementation. Together we will then decide where we can implement these steps most efficiently.

Standard or Custom – The Mix Makes the Difference!

Potential customers often ask: "We want a standard tool ... but a very individual one!" This is based on the simplified assumption that custom solutions are expensive and involve high project risks, but that standard tools are inflexible and do not reflect your own individuality.

Our understanding of a good software solution is that it offers individuality where this individuality creates business value. In order for a good financial software to be economical at the same time, it is ideally created from standard components that meet the requirements, supplemented by individual extensions.

We play on this area of conflict within the framework of Requirements Engineering & Solution Design by identifying which components of the aixigo platform form a good basis and how we extend them in such a way that they support your requirements.


From aixigo platform to financial solution

Our financial software is based on a wide range of proven and task-appropriate functionalities.

You benefit from

  • a minimum time-to-market
  • a good coverage of requirements in accordance with industry standards
  • excellent quality through continuous product maintenance and support
  • robust software through excellent test coverage
  • the provision of function enhancements
  • a reasonable budget


Receive financial software that fits your needs

Our customers have different processes and requirements. Not only are our project staff prepared for this, we have also incorporated this knowledge into our aixigo platform and optimally prepared them for it: aixigos financial software - the portfolio analysis software, wealth management software, software for investment advice and portfolio risk management software - do not have a monolithic structure. They are also 100% API-based and can therefore be easily extended with customer-specific functionalities.

By aixigo, By Yourself or by a Partner – Task Sharing for Successful Project Work

What role your bank IT, a partner or we take on in the project is not fixed at aixigo. We see the fusion of knowledge and skills as an engine for project success. Let each of our colleagues do what he or she does best for the success of the project!


Finding the best mix in project cooperation

The distribution of project tasks among several parties brings with it many advantages:

  • You have the choice to design topics that fall within the scope of your core competencies.
  • You have great flexibility because you can outsource tasks to us or a partner. For example, you can conserve your own resources and assign them to other tasks or increase the project speed by parallelising work.
  • The deep expertise of aixigo and partners from your or our network are at your disposal and enriches the software project. It offers great potential for better solutions, shorter implementation times or lower costs.

In order to keep the kick off phase of a project and the coordination effort of the project cooperation lean, well-rehearsed partnerships offer themselves: The parties know each other, have established a relationship of trust and have developed working methods that are efficient and effective. 

We have also technically designed our software in such a way that it offers you maximum flexibility for the effective division of tasks in the project. It is based on a modern software platform that can be easily integrated and customised. The REST-API-basedsoftware solutions, for example, are delivered with a large number of immediately usable microservices and comprehensible and complete documentation.

Competing project objectives: fast, cheap or complete

There is a magic triangle of investment and there is one for projects. Both are characterised by competing goals. Naturally, during the project everyone wants the full scope in time and budget. Yet practice teaches us that every project from time to time requires the prioritisation of these three goals, which sometimes demands a lot from the project members on all sides.

Successful Project Management

New requirements are normal in a dynamic world, but usually conflict with fixed schedules and limited project budgets. We support you in achieving the best possible project result even under challenging conditions. We achieve this by ensuring that the three target parameters of your project - time, budget and scope - and their interactions are always transparent to you.

Our agile project work allows us to evaluate new requirements and develop proposals at any time so that these can still be implemented in the project. You decide whether an extension of the time schedule and project budget, the implementation of the requirements in a later release or an exchange for other features not yet implemented should take place. Our project teams are absolutely flexible in this respect and actively support you in your decision-making process.

User-Centric or Process-Centric Project Work

The interests of the users and those responsible for the project are not always identical in the context of project cooperation. And yet our aim is to look beyond the edge of an efficient process to the needs of the actual user.

At aixigo, we understand that the thorough analysis of a bank's current processes and the user-centric design of efficient target processes are an important prerequisite for the development of successful financial software. Better business processes naturally also offer a competitive advantage in the banking environment.


The efficient process unfolds the desired benefit only through its frequent use.

A theoretically efficient process will only develop its benefits if the users also live it. In the case of software, this happens when they like to use it. Otherwise, there will be demotivation or even creative ideas to bypass the process.

With our process-oriented project approach, we pay particular attention to processes that are critical to success. Within the process design we direct the necessary focus on the requirements and needs of the different user roles with a user-centred approach. This ensures a very good acceptance of the software.

The combination of both approaches makes it possible to create a software solution that ensures efficient processes and at the same time meets the approval of the users.

From the Point of View of the Solution or the Requirement - Project Cooperation with aixigo

Your financial software - a mix of basic solution and individual software

Which project approach do you feel comfortable with?

  1. Are you looking for ready-to-use financial software and ready to adapt your banking processes consistently to this software?
  2. Or would you like to design your own individual financial software based on an analysis of the requirements in a creative process?
  3. Maybe both extremes aren't what you're looking for. Then you may favour starting from a versatile basic solution to determine the need for customisation for your individual requirements in order to find a design for an individualised software based on this.


We very rarely encounter the willingness to consistently adapt our own processes to standard software. The business strategies of our customers are too different for this. As a rule, the preferred starting point for a project collaboration with aixigo is a set of requirements, some of which are extensive, or the desire to look at something finished that we already have at aixigo and check its suitability for useage.


Choosing the right starting point 

We are open to all three approaches and adapt our Requirements Engineering & Solution Design procedure to your needs.

Interestingly, in practice there is often a rapid change of perspective and thus of procedures. When looking at a solution, one comes across a functional gap, formulates the corresponding requirement and then looks at another solution in which this requirement has already been implemented. This is what we call gap analysis.

In our experience, this method has proven itself because it enables a very fast solution design based on a "colourful mixture" of ready-made modules that can be seamlessly combined to a new software and extended specifically - this is our software platform concept.

The aim of the project collaboration is to work with you to identify all the functionalities that are already available in the aixigo platform and that cover your requirements in an appropriate way. These form the stable framework of your financial software and the quickly available starting point for a project. Together, we bring individuality to the solution where it creates business value, for example to effectively pursue different business strategies. Individuality should not be an end in itself, but a success factor for your business.

Complete or Single Components

At aixigo, we want to provide you with financial software solutions that best meet your needs while showing you how to manage your IT project with minimal risk. Our financial software is based on an immensely flexible and modular software platform that gives you unprecedented freedom in terms of project scope and functionality.


Project start with minimal risk

The extent to which you start with us is entirely in your hands: First select the modules that you would like to put into operation at short notice and convince yourself of our partnership-based project cooperation. Additional components from the aixigo platform can be integrated at any time, even at a later date, and are easy to integrate. Or you can directly benefit from the positive economies of scale that our platform brings with it by using components from several product areas at the same time.


Make or buy was yesterday

With aixigo, the question is not "Make or buy?". Rather, you can use our ready-made components to develop your own flexible software solutions for a wide variety of tasks. Depending on the task, this development can be carried out by us, by your own IT or by partner companies. And, if required, at the same time!

Fast and Incremental or Rather Delivery on Completion

We know how important the right rhythm is for smooth project execution and successful commissioning. Make regular use of the provision of new functionalities or wait for a desired degree of completion. We are ready, let us synchronise our clock!


Step by step

Agility is more than just an empty phrase: We consistently design our organisational processes to be lean and flexible in order to provide you with a high level of benefit. Our incremental development gives you the opportunity to obtain a basic version of your solution very quickly and to convince yourself of its quality and suitability. Step by step, we then increase your benefit by covering further requirements with each release.


The grand entrance

Of course you can also wait with the Go-Live until everything is ready. On the way to the finished software solution, we offer you a joint review of the current version (remotely or at aixigo) or provide you with a preview version including test data via remote access. This way, you always have a good insight into the status of development, even during longer development cycles, and you can carry out accompanying measures such as training or the like before the financial software is installed on your system.


In your hands

Regardless of the release cycle, the provision of a new solution version is very easy via our secure exchange servers. This gives you complete control over the integration, testing and deployment of your software solution in an optimal and resource-saving way. 

Would you like to find out more about aixigo and how we work?

Read more about aixigo, aixigo's founder and our philosophy. Or contact us to clarify further questions in a personal conversation.

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