Financial Risk Management Software –

Professional Portfolio Optimisation through Comprehensive Risk Assessment

aixigo‘s financial risk management software is a solid and professional tool for comprehensive portfolio risk management and portfoliorisk analysis – robust and based on scientifically proven findings. Based on Rossʻ Arbitrage Pricing Theory, risks are graphically illustrated using intuitively understandable risk factors, such as the development of the gold price, the economic performance of a region or industry, the exchange rate of a currency or similar.

Using state-of-the-art technology, all our solutions are a result of our api-based wealth management platform. As well as scientifically based methodology, aixigo‘s financial risk management software provides a comprehensive and easy-to-integrate RISK API. Using this API, risk management can be used in various use cases and different channels in an easy to understand way, and the digitalisation of financial risk management becomes a reality for your business.

Discover the functions of aixigo's financial risk management software

What is so special about the use of financial risk management software?

Comprehensive risk assessment

Thanks to the broad coverage of a large number of relevant risk indicators, market risks can be viewed in their entirety (systematically and unsystematically, for liquid and illiquid assets, past and future-oriented).


Identify correlations between portfolio risk factors and market developments

Usage of risk factors (oil price, exchange rate, index development etc.) to make the risk tangible and explainable for a customer. This gives the customer an understanding of the risks in their portfolio.


Profit potential and loss risk

Use of risk factors and expected returns to simulate risk indicators (Vola, VaR, CVaR etc.) of any assets and portfolios using the multi-factor model for the future.

Scenario analysis and stress tests for risk scenarios

Answer the question „What if?“ with scenario analyses and stress tests. These enable a view into the past and future and examine the impact of market developments on the portfolio.


Portfolio Risk API

The Portfolio Risk API enables extensive calculations at portfolio level. All calculations are performed ad-hoc, enabling risk management for any portfolio aggregation.


Position Risk API

This API provides ad-hoc risk data for all positions in a portfolio – even where there are hundreds of portfolio positions.


Underlying Analysis API

With funds, ETFs and certificates it is necessary to analyse the risk down to the individual holdings. This is the only way to obtain a meaningful and realistic assessment of the risk. This API provides you not only with the individual holdings of an instrument, but also with numerous associated risk values. Risk - X-Ray is now possible.


Controlling and Audit API

Proper risk calculation requires the application of complex statistical models. The results of the individual calculation steps are required for calibration purposes, but also for audits and other quality assurance measures. Using our Controlling and Audit API, this data is easily accessible.


counterparty risk

risk KPIs

contribution to risk

portfolio risk

risk factors


idiosyncratic risk

illiquid assets

back testing

stress testing


portfolio overview

These business values are delivered through our financial risk management software for your wealth management

Take a look behind the scenes

With our risk management software, you get a tool that presents portfolio risks in an understandable way. At the point of sale, risk management and portfolio hedging become a powerful sales story and no longer remains a mystery. By using generally known influencing parameters as risk factors for assets and portfolios, risks become intuitively understandable for the customer.

Improve risk diversification

Based on risk factors, scenario analysis enables users to consider the return on the portfolio under any historical scenario. Using Monte Carlo simulation, the risk engine software determines the distribution of returns for securities or portfolios for any future period. Possible and expected future developments of the risk factors, such as large price increases or strong price fluctuations, can also be simulated.

Strengthen customer contact

aixigo‘s software for risk management presents expert information in an easily understandable way, so that the adviser can discuss with the customer which risk factors affect their portfolio or how large the contribution to overall risk will be. Use background information on the individual economic risk factors and create a completely new advice and support experience.

This information can, of course, also be made directly available in digital form via the News Channel - added value for all customers: Self-directed, discretionary and advisory.

Democratise risk management

Our risk management software easily processes a very large number of portfolios or assets in a short timeframe. The outstanding scalability and speed allow us to make the information (normally only available to experts) available to a wide range of users. Using APIs, all risk information can be integrated into aixigo’s software for investment advisory and portfolio management use, as well as in any other solutions in wealth management, customer communication or online banking – many things are possible!

aixigo's Financial Software Solutions


Our product brochures provide a comprehensive insight into the scope and performance of our solutions.
You can download them here free of charge.

Thought Paper Future Cashflow Planning

This paper deals with the following topics:

  • Adviser Targets and Customer Expectations: How to meet both?
  • FCA Regulation and Digital Automation
  • Will today's standard still be enough tomorrow? Can we go even further?

Cashflow Planner Product Brochure

Understand the capabilities of our cashflow planning software, including:

  • What are the requirements for a cashflow planning solution?
  • What make's aixigo's solution different?
  • What functionality does aixigo's Cashflow Planner offer?
  • What are the benefits for a financial services provider?

Portfolio Analysis & Monitoring

This brochure contains comprehensive information regarding our portfolio analysis & monitoring software. Besides further information you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What characterizes our portfolio analysis & monitoring software?
  • What capabilities are provided by aixigo's portfolio analysis & monitoring software?
  • What are the highlights of aixigo's portfolio analysis & monitoring software?
  • What specific benefits does our software provide for your portfolio analysis & monitoring?

Portfolio Management

This brochure contains comprehensive information regarding our portfolio management software. In addition to further information, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What characterizes our portfolio management software?
  • What capabilities are provided by aixigo's portfolio management software?
  • What are the highlights of aixigo's portfolio management software?
  • What specific benefits does our software provide for your portfolio management?

Investment Advisory

This brochure contains comprehensive information regarding our investment advisory solution. Besides further information you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What characterises our investment advisory software?
  • What capabilities are provided by aixigo's Investment Advisory Software?
  • What are the highlights of aixigo's Investment Advisory Solution?
  • What specific benefits does our software provide for your investment advice?

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