Success Story BNP Paribas Wealth Management – Private Banking

On this page, insights into the cooperation between BNP Paribas Wealth Management – Private Banking and aixigo AG are provided.

The ambition: A solution for the private banking of the future

BNP Paribas Wealth Management - Private Banking aims to pioneer the new generation of private banking. Fast digital self-services are combined with close personal relationships in wealth advisory and -management. In order to achieve this, not only new online tools for clients have been developed - lean internal processes and a powerful IT infrastructure are also a necessity to offer clients an optimal service. Here, the desired solution is a digital platform that meets the requirements for investment advisory services and discretionary portfolio management (DPM) while at the same time taking individual client preferences into account.

The result: A novel portfolio management system   

aixigo has provided the foundation with its API-based High Performance Wealth Management platform to solve these challenges. The result is a new portfolio management system. It combines the best of investment advisory and discretionary portfolio management. The platform is a scalable advisory solution for all wealth management and affluent clients. In addition to its extensive functionalities, the new portfolio management system is a true efficiency gain for BNP Paribas – while simultaneously offering a high degree of individualisation for clients. The creation of a MiFID II-compliant suitability declaration is now just a mouse click away. The result is - as desired - excellent service quality and the best possible customer experience.

The novel solution is absolutely regulation-compliant (e.g.: MiFID II) and goes far beyond the standard offered on the market. In addition to other extensive functionalities, it also stands out from the betting competition, in particular due to these functionalities:

  • Profound Portfolio Analytics (Risk, Performance KPIs)
  • Monitoring of specific portfolio KPIs
  • Assured compliance of the advisory process
  • Automated suitability statement
  • Maximum configurability
  • Lean and automated quality assurance process
  • Batch Portfolio Reporting
  • Basket Order

Marcel Becker: “Generally spoken, digitization supports the advisors in their daily business and facilitates processes. Thanks to new digital tools, advice can be much more structured and measures can be implemented more quickly. Errors and sources of error are considerably reduced. Hence, we experience an increase of efficiency.”

Christian Friedrich: “In many of our projects, we have seen an increase in efficiency and quality of advice. In addition, we also improve the client experience. Clients receive high-quality portfolio analysis at the push of a button, and advisors can easily create a detailed investment proposal that takes into account not only the client's individual preferences, but also BNP's extensive research.  In addition, our platform keeps a permanent eye on all client portfolios and informs advisors when something important happens. This means that advisors can be much closer to their clients.”

Videointerview BNP Paribas and aixigo

In this interview series, Marcel Becker (Head of Private Banking Germany at BNP Paribas) and Christian Friedrich (CBO at aixigo AG) talk about the cooperation between BNP Paribas and aixigo.

An introduction to BNP Paribas in Germany

In this part of the interview series between BNP Paribas and aixigo AG, Marcel Becker and Christian Friedrich comment on how BNP Paribas Wealth Management – Private Banking has tackled digitalisation and equally meet the demands of both advisory and discretionary portfolio management.

Mr Becker – What do you think is the secret for BNP Paribas’ success in the wealth management sector?

Mr Becker – You have tackled the issue of digitalisation early on in Germany. And that in both areas: Advisory & Discretionary Portfolio Management. What were the main driving forces behind this?

Mr Friedrich, how do you manage to meet the requirements for Advisory & Discretionary Portfolio Management all at once?

Why did BNP Paribas Wealth Management - Private Banking choose aixigo?

In this part of the interview series, Marcel Becker explains why BNP Paribas decided to choose aixigo.

Mr Becker – Why did you choose the Wealth Management Platform from aixigo in terms of technology and expertise?

The way BNP Paribas advisors experience digitisation and how aixigo's platform offers them added value

In this part of the interview series Marcel Becker and Christian Friedrich answer the following questions:

Mr Becker – How do your advisors experience the changes brought about by digitisation in their day-to-day advisory work?

Mr Friedrich – Which functionalities from the platform bring real added value to the advisors according to your point of view?


Adding value to the wealth management advisory in the future

In this part of the interview series Marcel Becker and Christian Friedrich answer the following questions:

Mr Becker – What else do you think could add real value to wealth management advisory in the upcoming years?

Mr Friedrich – If you now think one step further. What else could follow in addition to digital advisory?

Mr Friedrich – Assuming that one day there will be purely digital advisory in addition to face-to-face advisory services. What task would you, as a software provider, have to improve?


About BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is a leading European financial institution with an international reach. It is represented by around 193,000 employees in 68 countries, of which almost 148,000 are in Europe. In Germany, the BNP Paribas Group has been active since 1947 and has successfully positioned itself in the market with 12 business units.

Private clients, companies and institutional clients are served by around 6,000 employees nationwide in all relevant economic regions. BNP Paribas' broad range of products and services corresponds to that of an innovative universal bank.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management – Private Banking

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