Our Moduls & Capabilities

aixigo's financial software is functionally divided into four product areas. These provide the respective solutions with specific capabilities for the application. With our moduls & capabilities you lay a solid foundation of standard functionalities, which are a part of all product areas and only have to be licensed for the first solution - positive scaling in its purest form!

Capabilities of the Core Modules

The core modules described can be implemented in any product area, be it portfolio analysis and reporting, investment advice, wealth management or portfolio risk management. The core modules include technical modules for administration, configuration, customer communication and data exchange, as well as functional modules for portfolio and risk analysis.

Analytics Workplace

The Analytics Workplace of aixigo's financial software compiles portfolio analysis and monitoring results into meaningful information and base for analysis per customer. It serves as a tool for the preparation of portfolio management activities and advisory meetings. It can also be used as a visualisation of portfolio information, e.g. to support the advisory session or in the online portfolio.

Depending on the database, it offers various overviews and associated detailed information. These include

  • a 360° view with central information on the customer portfolio,
  • an asset overview, including performance,
  • an overview of the portfolios including various key figures for the individual positions,
  • Portfolio structure evaluations, flexible according to securities characteristics,
  • a transaction overview with all transactions made,
  • Cash flow forecasts for fixed-income securities,
  • Performance evaluations or
  • an overview with monitoring results.

All views are enriched with insightful information and offer flexible analysis options with regard to the selection of the customer's contracts, the analysis period, portfolio or securities properties or other view-specific data. The Analytics Workplace also provides the ability to trigger the ad hoc output of a portfolio-specific report for the desired analysis period and level of detail.

Data Query

In our systems powerful algorithms work on masses of data. The Data Query is the tool for every system user to efficiently navigate through this data and enable access to specific activities.

The Data Query provides functionalities for global search and filtering based on flexibly definable criteria of customers or portfolios. Search or filtering of results can be easily ranked with a variety of sorting options.

Which customer- and portfolio-specific data the Data Query visualises can be configured system-specifically. In addition to portfolio values and KPIs, information from monitoring can also be displayed.

Data access can be restricted, so that each user only sees assigned customers and their portfolios.

You ask - the Data Query answers:

  • Which customers will have at least X liquid funds available in the next month?
  • In which portfolios can optimisation potential be realised through rebalancing?
  • For which customers did the last advisory take place more than X weeks ago?
  • Which portfolios have breached a loss threshold?
  • Which customers are invested in security X?

And much more!

Property Analytics

The flexible analysis functionalities on portfolio properties create transparency over the portfolio structure. With aixigo's financial software, portfolios can be broken down according to any definable securities characteristic and at any historical point in time - one- or multi-dimensionally. Typical characteristics are asset class or region. The decomposition can be carried out classically on the basis of the portfolio valuation, or other calculation bases such as profit, loss or performance can be used. Multi-stage analyses also examine funds of funds and show their structural components in the same way.

Quotes & Portfolio Valuation

Stock exchange data and general investment accounts are used in aixigo's financial software to determine the current price of a security and to perform portfolio valuations. In combination with the respective exchange rates, it can also be used for any currency.

News Channel

The News Channel is a service that provides portfolio related individual information for customers fully automatically. This includes information on recommended or executed transactions in the customers' portfolio, the existence of a new report or the breach of a personally defined threshold.

In addition, information provided by experts can be automatically linked to all relevant customers. This includes, information on special market events in sectors in which the customer is invested, information from the bank aimed at specific customer groups, interesting background information on invested securities and much more.

The News Channel can be accessed via our REST API so that the news packages retrieved can be processed independently. A visual presentation provides the timeline - a chronologically structured news feed per customer.

Risk Analytics

aixigos financial software calculates a number of risk ratios that can be used in a variety of ways. In monitoring, reporting, holding analysis or in discussions with customers.

The risks to which a security or an entire portfolio has been exposed are determined on the basis of historical performance. Among other things, the system determines the risk indicators volatility, Value at Risk and conditional Value at Risk or expected shortfall, synthetic risk and reward indicator (SRRI), Sharpe ratio and Sortino ratio, covariance & correlation, beta factor and maximum drawdown.

Due to their specific securities characteristics, additional key figures are provided for bonds, which analyse the interest ratesensitivity of the instrument. The following key figures are calculated: Duration or capital commitment period, modified duration, convexity and basis point value. Bond ratios can be determined at the individual security and portfolio level.

Standard Data Interface

The system collects data from external sources via batch imports in a defined format, such as CSV. Data extraction and transformation from several sources and their input into the aixigo financial software can be mapped as an ETL (extract transform load) process. This enables both the transfer of large amounts of data - for example at night - and the intraday transfer of data as well as the provision of the high-performance system cache with data.

Cost & Tax Estimation

The amount of expected costs and taxes for securities transactions is calculated using the Cost & Tax Estimation and provided as information for the customer or as a basis for further calculations.

    aixigos financial software provides the following costs:

    • Expected costs incurred for the purchase of securities - both for the initial portfolio construction and for rebalancing processes.
    • Expected costs arising from the sale of securities in the form of taxes on price gains and costs, for example on portfolio rebalanancing, portfolio liquidation or liquidity adjustment. 
    • Portfolio or contract fees based on assets under management - for example, an asset management fee.
    • Accrued taxes within a securities position. An example being the Spanish "Traspaso" tax deferral scheme. 

    FIX-Trading Adapter

    For its trading connection, the aixigo financial software uses the FIX protocol (Financial Information eXchange) established for the exchange of information between banks, brokers, stock exchanges and other external systems. Our FIX Trading Adapter is multi-broker-capable and eliminates the need to set up multiple interfaces.


    aixigo's software solutions are multi-client capable, so that several clients can be operated on the same server. Data management, user interfaces, rights and functional customising are client-specific and offer a configuration and presentation of the financial software that meets the requirements without requiring mutual insight into the data from various clients. Clients can be assigned to a central office, which has general access to all clients.

    Roles & Rights

    Control over read and write access is guaranteed by a rights concept. Specific rights exist in the financial software for each role defined by the banking system. Roles and users, for example from the Active Directory or CRM, are fed into the aixigo system via an interface and linked to the rights there. The role and rights configuration also allows access to clients to be restricted.


    All contacts that are in any way connected to the system are managed and related to each other in the relations, for example to show which bank employee is responsible for which customers or who is authorised to act on accord of a company in securities transactions. Therefore, contacts can be both natural and legal persons. Their properties are imported into the aixigo financial software via an interface.

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