OpenWealth Association now with aixigo on board:
aixigo is member of the newly founded OpenWealth Association

The association originates from an initiative launched in 2020 by the St. Galler Kantonalbank and the consulting company Synpulse and aims to establish standardised interfaces for Swiss wealth managers. The advantage of such a standardised interface, jointly used by wealth managers and custodians, is an improved service experience for the customer, a significant increase in efficiency for the bank, with which it can counteract its cost pressure, and a much faster implementation of future innovations in this domain. Other founding members of the "OpenWealth Association” consist of SIX, Assetmax, Alphasys and Zürcher Kantonalbank.

The “OpenWealth Association” is now being expanded by the aixigo AG. The internationally active software provider for wealth management services has a profound knowledge of the industry, acquired over many years of experience, representing an absolute added value for the newly founded association. Concurrently, aixigo benefits from the professional exchange generated in this newly founded association and can further strengthen its own position in the Swiss market in the interest of its customers. Contact persons are Ralf Steinhauer (aixigo AG Senior Partner Manager) and Delia Steiner (aixigo AG Country Manager Switzerland and Liechtenstein). Both Mr. Steinhauer and Ms. Steiner have been very well networked in the Swiss wealth management industry for many years and have excellent expertise in this field.

Delia Steiner emphasised when joining the association: "aixigo's software solutions for wealth managers have always been based on a strict API-first approach. This enables us to bring standardised individuality to the market in form of value-creating products with little effort on part of our customers. It is extremely encouraging that banks and WealthTechs in Switzerland have found a promising vessel for collaboration through the OpenWealth Association and we are very pleased to be actively involved in shaping this collaboration."

Ralf Steinhauer commented: "The OpenWealth Association aims to create the foundation for a networked collaboration between banks, wealth managers and WealthTechs in a sub-sector of the banking industry. This will allow us all to work together as partners in ecosystems much faster and more flexibly than has ever been possible so far, creating new customer experiences."

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