Reflections on aixigo's Presence at the 2021 SWISS FINTECH Fair

On 08 September, aixigo participated in the SWISS FINTECH Fair in Zurich. The exclusive annual event, organised by SWISS FINTECH, brings together the leading experts in the Swiss fintech and finance industry.

The event was a real success on aixigo's part. We gained many new and exciting insights, had a great time and enjoyed having personal conversations again with both familiar and new industry faces. Moreover, Delia Steiner, our Country Manager for Switzerland & Liechtenstein, inspired the audience with her speech "A new path to innovation: how banks can create differentiating offerings with minimal effort".

Following speeches on lending platforms and fintech partnerships in the conference afternoon, Delia's 10-minute speech gave a more strategic view on how banks can build their own customised and innovative offerings without losing much time and money. With plenty of wit and humour, she illustrated how banks can innovate efficiently and economically – without having to start from scratch.

"The moral of the story is: It is totally understandable that you want to build your own things. It's also doable. But you need to get the base right. And with the base I don't mean the core banking system or the legacy systems. So in order to tackle some of these innovation challenges and in order for you to build an individual, specific offering, you should combine buy and build. In fact: Leverage the years that someone has spent on that particular base and build your individual offering around it!"

If you are also wondering what building an innovative service has in common with baking Macarons, you should have a look at Delia's inspiring speech.

Key takeaways from the presentation:

  • Besides "buy" and "build", there is a third path for banks to innovate: "buy&build"
  • To quickly create innovative, customised services, banks need to partner with vendors whose solutions comprise two critical components: an intelligent API layer and a BPMN engine
  • The API layer enables flexible integration with existing systems
  • The BPMN engine enables the implementation of individual processes

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