aixigo and Raise Partner align on strategic partnership to enhance aixigo:BLOXX Wealth Management Platform

Aachen, February 2024 – aixigo and Raise Partner are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate Raise Partner's cutting-edge "Smart Risk" solution into aixigo's proprietary aixigo:BLOXX Wealth Management Platform, enhancing its capabilities for investment advisory, portfolio monitoring, and analysis.

With nearly 25 years of experience in wealth management, aixigo is renowned for providing the world's fastest API-based Wealth Management Platform – aixigo:BLOXX. Trusted by over 30 institutions managing more than €1 trillion in AUM, aixigo:BLOXX empowers financial institutions with speed, scalability, and flexibility. This partnership represents a strategic move for aixigo to expand its platform and cater to the evolving needs of the financial industry.

Raise Partner, a France-based B2B WealthTech company, specializes in delivering advanced digital solutions tailored for risk management and portfolio optimization in wealth and asset management. Their vision aligns with aixigo's commitment to enabling trusted and purposeful advisory processes and investment decisions in today's complex digital landscape. By leveraging sophisticated capital market models and digital technologies, Raise Partner emphasizes the human touch and expertise that are crucial in the advisory process.

Technologically, aixigo and Raise Partner both share a strong commitment to innovation, being API-led and prioritizing high-performance and scalability. However, the partnership is not only a technological and business synergy but also a cultural fit. Both companies share over two decades of extensive industry experience, originating from prestigious academic backgrounds. These synergies ensure a mutual understanding of market needs and further strengthen the foundation of this partnership.

Christian Friedrich, Founder and Chief Strategic Officer at aixigo, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "Our partnership with Raise Partner is a game-changer for aixigo and our clients. For some time now, we are pursuing a partner approach to enhance the capabilities of our platform by integrating the expertise of carefully selected specialized niche experts. Following this composable platform approach, facilitates a faster time-to-market and a broader product offering, allowing aixigo's clients to benefit from an extensive Wealth Management Platform with a wide range of high-performance functionalities, all fully integrated.

The integration of Raise Partner's high-performance Risk Engine into our platform now allows us to reach into new geographies and client segments, catering to the complex risk modeling needs of (U)HNWI customers and expanding our reach into institutional clientele like insurance companies."

Sophie Echenim, CEO and President of Raise Partner, shares her excitement about the partnership, saying, "We are excited to be partnering with aixigo to provide clients with access to innovative risk management and analytics tools as an integral part of their composable wealth BLOXX platform. This partnership will enable Raise Partner to capitalize on aixigo's API-based platform. We are delighted to be working with one of the leading European software providers of trusted next-generation technology which offers high scalability and ease of integration for end-users. The partnership will allow us to further expand our global footprint, by providing access to new clients and additional geographic markets.

In turn, aixigo clients will be able to access Raise Partner's innovative and leading-edge risk management, analytics and optimization tools, to deliver investment decisions quickly and reliably via the functionalities that are pre-integrated to the aixigo platform – avoiding the need for clients to invest valuable time and money in the integration of additional, stand-alone applications."

About Raise Partner

Raise Partner delivers digital solutions to the Wealth and Asset Management industries, guiding investment decisions in an increasingly complex and digitalized environment. By using cutting-edge models and digital technology, Raise Partner solutions leverage both the human touch and expertise in the advisory process to equip advisors, private bankers and sales teams with interactive web apps to help them build proactive, personalized and transparent investment proposals for their clients.

With over 20 years of industry expertise, the Raise Partner team has market-proven pre-trade expertise, using cutting-edge API and cloud-based technology to offer unbeatable time-to-market for customized and scalable web applications. The company has two offices in France : the sales and marketing team is based in Paris, with an R & D center in Grenoble.

Raise Partner is trusted by major financial institutions in France and the US and equips over 1000 portfolio managers, sales and advisors worldwide.

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