About the collaboration between Zühlke, Vontobel and aixigo

The globally operating investment manager Vontobel, the innovation service provider Zühlke and the globally operating software provider for digital financial services aixigo are working together.

The collaboration leverages the comprehensive expertise of these three successful service providers and creates ideal synergies to create innovative product experiences for bank customers. Whereas Vontobel's expertise lies in wealth management, active asset management and investment solutions, aixigo has the world's fastest API-based Wealth Management Platform and many years of experience in financial technology. Innovation service provider Zühlke combines business and technology expertise to create solutions that excite customers.

The possible benefits such a collaboration can bring for the customer are perfectly demonstrated by the project Vontobel Volt®. Vontobel Volt® is a new digital portfolio management solution that is geared towards the convictions of the customer. Vontobel's investment experts select topics, compose securities and conduct market analyses. They actively manage and risk-monitor Volt®. The customer, however, can simultaneously experience it completely digitally – for example, via mobile devices.

If you would like to learn more about the Vontobel Volt® success story, it can be found here.

Further information about Zühlke: https://www.zuehlke.com

Further information about Vontobel: https://www.vontobel.com

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