Wealth Management Software Applications

How digital should it be? With our API-based wealth management software, you can design a solution that is flexible and based on your preferences, whether this means completely digital and automated wealth management, or that the wealth manager is only provided with the best tools for his job.

If you want to open up your discretionary portfolio management to retail clients, our solutions will help you to make wealth management services economically attractive for this segment as well. The complete digital discretionary portfolio management, including the automated generation and processing of orders, enables an enormous increase in process efficiency. Scalable high-performance rebalancing algorithms ensure that our solutions are optimally positioned and can be operated efficiently and stably - even under heavy loads.

Acquired assets under management can be integrated easily, quickly and cost-effectively into your own business model, so that your existing resources can serve many more customers than previously possible. The digital communication channels associated with digital wealth management make it easier to generate additional business with digitally affine customers and also to win new customers.

Our systems also provide an efficiency boost for the existing asset management mandates. Partial automation, modular methodology and system-supported quality assurance will greatly facilitate the management of individual DPM mandates for large portfolios.

Digital Assistant for the DPM of Individual Mandates

Benefit from efficiency gains through system-supported activities and automation

aixigo's digital assistant addresses the pressure on margins in wealth management by significantly increasing the efficiency of the discretionary portfolio management process, especially for the management of individual DPM mandates for large portfolios. The effort of recurring, previously manual activities is consistently reduced by system support and partial automation. Controlled system processes ensure plannable quality with less effort for quality assurance. The higher process efficiency makes it possible to serve a higher number of mandates and thus more assets under management while reducing the workload and to relieve the pressure on margins.

Convince by performance transparency and high quality

The general social development, fuelled by megatrends, does not stop at the expectations of wealthy clients in wealth management. Due to digitalisation and networking, services become more transparent and comparable for all customers. The desire for truly individual services, always available digitally, up-to-date information and high-quality presentation can be realised with the help of our digital assistant.

Event or time-related reports are generated promptly by the system, even for a very large number of portfolios. In addition, specific reports can be requested and issued ad hoc - high quality designed and enhanced with useful customer content.

Complete Digitalisation of Wealth Management

Manage any number of portfolios – without additional effort

With aixigo's fully digital wealth management solution, you can reduce the pressure on margins. Costs are only incurred by transactions and the need for additional portfolio management time is eliminated. As a portfolio manager, you can manage virtually any number of portfolios, so that profitability is achieved even with low investment volumes per mandate. Comprehensive system quality assurance measures ensure that all legal requirements are automatically monitored and complied with or made available for review. 

The system provides a modular approach for efficient portfolio management in wealth management: Define flexible investment modules from which the system automatically compiles and regularly optimises portfolios for any number of clients, taking into account investment guidelines and allocation rules. The rebalancing algorithm automatically determines the necessary transactions to align the actual portfolio with the target.

Provide an unprecedented user experience

The customer's need for customised information which is available at all times, packaged in a modern and positive user experience, can also be met effortlessly with a digital wealth management offering. Customers experience modern discretionary portfolio management with transparent services, personally valuable information and the opportunity to make decisions and take advantage of offers on the basis of the best possible information. Such an experience also generates customer loyalty by making the use of the valued digital offering a habit and becoming a fixed and regular part of customer activities.

Our financial software solutions at a glance

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