Software for Financial Cashflow Planning

Thanks to vast experience and the use of state-of-the-art technology, aixigo has developed a solution that redefines future cashflow advice by striking the perfect balance between complexity and simplicity.

aixigo’s Cashflow Planner is fully compliant with regulations, offers a superior user experience and is easy to understand. Our solution offers the user extensive options for simulating cashflows as part of the advice process, taking into consideration the requirements of the FCA. All values are adjusted for inflation and calculated in real terms. All taxes (including income tax, capital gains tax, lifetime allowance, inheritance tax, pension transfer fees, etc.) are considered.

Specific tax bands, thresholds and rates of increase for all relevant regions can be defined. The simulation of What-if Scenarios such as pension transfers, income drops, changes in the death age of a customer or market crash provide a holistic simulation. aixigo‘s API based Cashflow Planner enables fast integration into existing infrastructures. Thanks to RESTful API, our software can be used in advisory services as well as offer on a firm’s own website, or even as online banking service – providing the perfect opportunity to engage with customers at each touchpoint. Furthermore, our RESTful API allows the integration of the Cashflow Planner into new services at any time.


WealthTech Talks: Financial planning, modern technology, opportunities, challenges and more

In order to gain first-hand insights to our financial planning solution, we have selected two of our most informative WealthTech Talks videos for you. Find a short description of both below:

The first one presents a discussion between Stephen Wall (Co-Founder of The Wealth Mosaic) and Jamie Keen (Country Manager UK & Ireland at aixigo), but also Ian Pickford (Partner and Head of Financial Planning and Wealth Management at Mazars) and James Howell (Director at PwC). These experts shed a light on the current state of financial planning in relation to modern technology, current developments in the sector, specifically of the UK market but also, most importantly, challenges and opportunities that technology brings forward to offers in the wealth management sector.

The latter is about an interview between Jamie Keen (Country Manager UK & Ireland at aixigo) and Stephen Wall (Co-Founder of The Wealth Mosaic), in which an overview is given to aixigo’s solution to financialcashflow planning, but also an introduction of the demo for the solution.

A discussion between Jamie Keen (Country Manager UK & Ireland at aixigo), Stephen Wall (Co-Founder of The Wealth Mosaic), Ian Pickford (Partner and Head of Financial Planning and Wealth Management at Mazars) and James Howell (Director at PwC). 

A discussion between Jamie Keen (Country Manager UK & Ireland at aixigo) and Stephen Wall (Co-Founder of The Wealth Mosaic)

Read the article about the key messages from our webinar with focus on financial cashflow planning software!

This article is an excerpt from this talk session.

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8 Benefits of aixigo's Cashflow Planner

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For more detailed information, please download our Cashflow Planner product brochure.
Our Thought Paper is available for download here if you are interested in a thematic discussion about cashflow advice.

Thought Paper Future Cashflow Planning

This paper deals with the following topics:

  • Adviser Targets and Customer Expectations: How to meet both?
  • FCA Regulation and Digital Automation
  • Will today's standard still be enough tomorrow? Can we go even further?

Cashflow Planner Product Brochure

Understand the capabilities of our cashflow planning software, including:

  • What are the requirements for a cashflow planning solution?
  • What make's aixigo's solution different?
  • What functionality does aixigo's Cashflow Planner offer?
  • What are the benefits for a financial services provider?

What is Unique about our Cashflow Planning Software?

The Perfect Balance between Complexity and Simplicity

Our tool is built to showcase the understanding of a planning expert while enabling the understanding of a non-expert.
A customer who feels understood remains loyal and will recommend your services to others.

Lean Dashboard

The dashboard contains only user relevant information, displayed in an easy to understand manner. Advisers no longer need to be worried about complex details - these are handled behind the scenes through highly complex algorithms.

Absolute Regulatory Conformity

The entire simulation takes the requirements of the FCA into consideration. In addition to tax handling of different asset classes and the adjustment of the values for inflation, the optional What-if Scenarios provide a holistic simulation of the future cashflow development.

Easy Integration through API

aixigo’s API based Cashflow Planner is easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure. This ensures an efficient and fast implementation, so that the tool can be used as quickly as possible.

Integration into new Services due to RESTful API

Thanks to RESTful API our cashflow tool opens up innovative opportunities. Besides advice the aixigo Cashflow Planner can be used in advisory services as well as offered on your website or through online banking for customers self-service, or even be integrated into future services at any time.