aixigo’s Software Platform as the Foundation for your Financial Software!

aixigo's platform forms the basis for innovative software solutions in the financial sector. aixigo's high performance modern overall architecture is specifically designed to import, process and refine data, providing the basis for genuine, innovative financial software in the digital banking business.

The Four Layers of our Software Platform

Generally, financial software based on the platform consists of four layers:

  1. The stable basis of the software is provided by existing infrastructure, such as the core banking system and other data supplying or receiving systems. These run the bank systems remain completely unchanged in their mode of operation and do not require any change the bank adaptations.
  2. the second layer is formed with data and integration. Core bank and any third-party systems are connected via flexible interfaces that can be service-based or work with batch operation
  3. The third layer of our platform includes business logic and system services. All required data is loaded into the in-memory database for rapid accessibility. The functional architecture is based on microservices and structured according to the domain-driven design approach (DDD). The Business Process Engine maps the customer-specific business processes and accesses the business microservices via the REST API. 
  4. The fourth and top layer of the software platform are the user interfaces that communicate with the REST API as a modern web application.

Our Platform Architecture’s Uniqueness

Digital transformation takes place between user interfaces and legacy systems: data is combined in new ways and refined to create new insights. The aixigo platform's flexible, mass-scalable and fast architecture makes it possible to decouple velocities. Whilst legacy systems focus on solid, regular operation, they have to rely on pre-calculations, have comparatively long response times and rarely provide new functionality. aixigo's platform is able to perform ad hoc calculations, realise low responsetimes and often provide new functionality. Thus, the Digital Transformation Layer protects the solid operation of legacy systems and carries the heavy load for real-time, high frequency and high speed computing, big data analysis and AI applications.

aixigo's Software USPs

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