Robo Advisor Software for Today's Financial Investment

The digitisation of the financial investment industry is not just a few gimmicks on the Internet, a small app from the latest Fintech or a new feature on a website. Digitisation takes place in two essential areas of value creation, digital distribution and the digitisation of processes. aixigo financial software starts here and offers digitisation solutions for both value creation strands, ranging from Robotic Process Automation for sub-processes to a fully automated Robo Advisor. 

Digital Sales by Robo Advisor

The digital sales channel offers completely new opportunities, but brings completely new challenges. The consistent orientation towards the digital customer experience and customer benefit without using people at the point of sale is not easy. not everyone preferes to be advised by a robot. This is the reason why we rarely see real investment advice by robots, i.e. Robo Advisor of the bank.


In order to replace the human component at the point of sale with technology and to build a successful Robo Advisor, artificial intelligence and artificial empathy are key parts. At aixigo, we work intensively on these two key points and are building on them through:

  • our many years of experience in the research field of Behavioural Finance
  • our technical ability to process and analyse large volumes of data - e.g. big data - with our financial software at the highest speed and in a flexible manner enables us to derive valuable information.


We deliver these capabilities through our API, which provides the foundation for a modern customer experience imperative for Robo Advisor software.

Digitisation of processes with the Software-Robo

The digitisation of processes offers great potential for increasing efficiency and quality. Who doesn't know robots that produce things side by side with people in factories? This kind of cooperation in the creation of services is offered by the software robot from aixigo.

Be it creating an investment recommendation automatically including a complete statement of suitability with the Advisor software from aixigo or the complete automation of discretionary portfolio management processes with the Robo software from aixigo. Digitised processes support advisors and relationship managers as well as portfolio managers in their complex tasks, making them more efficient and relieving them of routine tasks that machines can clearly perform better and faster.

Digital software for finance

aixigos Robo solutions provide the perfect basis for digitising and automating investment advisory processes. The digital advisory assistant, for example, takes over the presentation and processing of simple switch recommendations with the customer completely. For the complete digitalisation of discretionary portfolio management, the financial software offers extensive automation functionalities that help to comprehensively support an enormous number of clients.

Our software solutions

Discover our software solutions that enable you to offer digital value-added services to your customers. All solutions can be used as complete Robo Advisor software. Find out more now!

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