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Private banking customers place high expectations on services they receive from banks and concomitantly on the capabilities of the bank’s private banking software. With the digitalisation of private banking, both large banks and smaller or regional banks are required not only to design their offerings in compliance with regulation such as MiFID II and FIDLEG and to comply with the documentation requirements, but also to create genuine added value through Integrated Banking Systems.

Business value arises when the customer perceives the capabilities of modern portfolio analysis software, investment advisory software, wealth management software or portfolio risk management software as an individual, tailor-made, beneficial service. In the competition for major investors from Mass Affluent to UHNWI, the aim is to penetrate investor requirements and create offers that stand out.

Finance Software from aixigo for Digitalised Private Banking

aixigo offers a map that subdivides bank customers into self-directed, advisory and discretionary customers according to their self-image and systematically shows solutions for every type of investor and preferred interaction channel, whether this be - human-human or human-machine.

The increasing degree of delegation from Execute Only investors to clients of discretionary portfolio management, as well as the increasing earnings potential, is accompanied by increasing demands from private banking clients. Our experience in the private banking segment shows that the same high client standards apply to private banking in Germany or private banking in Austria as to private banking in Switzerland, although there are differences, e.g. in terms of regulation and customer loyalty.

Our API for Private Banking Solutions

aixigo's API-based platform is the foundation for solutions that meet the needs of different investor types. For self-directed customers we offer attractively prepared portfolio insights, fed by our portfolio analysis software. With targeted offers personalised to these customers, you arouse interest in services from the more promising advisory segment.

Our investment advisory software also offers valuable support for private banking advisors, enabling them to provide advice that is regulatory-compliant, efficient and personally relevant. The advisory client can also be supplied with value-generating information and investment recommendations via the digital channel, fully automatically - hybrid advice in practice!

For the classic target group of discretionary clients in private banking, aixigos financial software offers the possibility of providing significantly more clients with the same intensive service. Tools for wealth managers focus on digitising and automating those activities that a machine can perform more reliably and quickly. This leaves more time for the intensive support of additional clients who are interested in the management of large-scale investments.

Your Solution – Financial Software from aixigo

Read more about our software solutions, individual and standard components of the financial software & the possible applications in your bank.

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