Portfolio Analysis Software Applications

Get an impression of how aixigo's versatile API-based portfolio analysis software can be used in practice and how it contributes to strengthening your market position through efficient processes around portfolio analysis, monitoring and reporting and at the same time implementing a modern IT strategy.

The flexible analysis tools enable you to answer spontaneous questions at any time without the need for rigid precalculations: on individual portfolios, but also for a set of portfolios, an example being, all investment portfolios with a common factor, such as, invested in a specific security. Meaningful results provide data with enhanced content for further systems and also give your customers a completely new, useful insight into their portfolio, either independently or classically in conversation with their Relationship Manager. Portfolio health checks and monitoring ensure that you are always informed and can immediately identify any need for action.

The far-reaching automatability gives you the freedom to focus completely on value-adding activities and thus create outstanding offers to your customers. Fast and highly scalable algorithms allow you to analyse, monitor and process an extremely large number of portfolios in reporting. With multi-custody reporting even across bank boundaries.

Portfolio Analytics Insights for Advisory

Get the overview

The aixigo Portfolio Analytics API adds valuable portfolio insights for your advisors. It is the advisor's 360° window on their clients' portfolio data that provides the advisor with the best possible support in both portfolio analysis, and the preparation and conducting of client meetings

Say goodbye to rigid analysis limits

All key figures are always up-to-date. They are not precalculated, but are calculated ad hoc by our high-performance API on the basis of price data, master data and transaction data and are directly available. This gives you unparalleled flexibility in your evaluations: Perform analyses of all customer portfolios on the basis of any portfolio key figures or view a customer's different portfolios as a virtual total portfolio. No matter what question you have regarding the portfolios - with Portfolio Insights you can also carry out complex portfolio analyses and portfolio reports ad hoc with little time expenditure.

All evaluations can be configured flexibly and ad hoc: Select which portfolios are to be included in the analysis, which valuation data or periods are to be examined or which structural characteristics are to be used to structure an evaluation.

Raise the bar on customer conversations

The information base, which is always up-to-date, provides quick access to further details and key figures if required. This allows customer-specific information requirements to be flexibly addressed in customer meetings. The visual preparation of the key figures supports an intuitively understandable presentation.

You can also view the graphically appealing views together with the customer. All important information for the customer can be made available at the push of a button in a high-quality report.

Portfolio Insights for the Online Portfolio

To convince self-directed investors more than just standard is needed. Those who go into a pure price war around this group can be successful, however at the price of small margins. Providing a service above that of the competition with innovative, user-oriented offers, is more promising, because beneficial digital services are valued and generate a willingness to pay on the part of the customer.

Online offerings that create value are already established, but this is not the case for general investment accounts. This is where the aixigo Portfolio Analytics API comes in. It enables you to create an attractive offer for the target group of self-directed customers in the form of an outstanding online portfolio - including convincing and distinctive deluxe content.

Gain and secure the digital attention of your customers

Beneficial information promotes the customer's desire to frequently take a look at their own portfolio. Regularity becomes habit with the concomitant effect of customer loyalty - without investing any additional time from advisors. With the aixigo Portfolio Analytics API, you can automatically make up-to-date, personal, relevant and value-generating information available daily in the online portfolio, attractively presented and easy to consume.

Generate new revenue sources

With functions that offer measurable added value for self-directed customers, you create new sources of income. Self-directed customers can once again become an attractive segment, even with extreme margin pressure caused by ETFs. These new functions can also arouse their interest in the advisory segment.

First-class Reporting

Keep cool with regulatory deadlines

The fulfilment of extensive regulatory requirements does not have to be time-consuming. aixigo's portfolio reporting software ensures the reliable and regulatory conform creation of all necessary reports and also further documentation. The system effortlessly complies with legal deadlines, even for extremely large amounts of customers or portfolios.

Give your portfolio reporting a boost in efficiency

To define efficient processes manual time consuming process steps must be avoided. With aixigo's portfolio reporting software, your reporting process achieves a 100% straight through processing rate (STP rate). The process – from the initiation to the complete generation of the required information and content, up to the provision of the reports within your DMS infrastructure is automated completely. aixigo's technology enables stable processes, high speeds and an excellent scalability for the mass production of reports: The system effortlessly processes 500,000 portfolios per hour.

Strengthen customer loyalty

In today's market, customers are well informed and aware of the cost of competing offerings. If services are less transparent, this causes a negative cost-benefit perception for the customer. Our portfolio reporting software enables you to create unparalleled service transparency for your offers, communicate costs and competing services simply and clearly, and significantly improve cost acceptance. With the help of our reporting functionalities, you provide your customers with useful, high-quality and personalised information, e.g. on the KPIs of your portfolio and the portfolio management service - for example, digitally as interactive content in an app or classically on paper.

Our financial software solutions at a glance

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