Wealthy customers demand an intelligent digital strategy

A powerful user experience, natural user interfaces, deeply personalized content and interactivity, combined with security and flexibility, these are now all necessary. And let us not forget, on top of all those and most important of all, the right dose of fun. Managing one’s finances should not be boring, in fact it is an exciting task, and probably more so the more money one has.

Yet how does a bank arrive at such a product when it does not have a budget in the tens of millions at its disposal? Must one really part with all that is tried and tested? Certainly not, there are clever integration possibilities that ally the safe standard techniques with innovation.

It’s interesting to note just how often we’ve discussed this topic over the past few weeks with various institutions from this segment. The insight resonates powerfully with both strategists and executives alike. An interesting challenge awaits us.

Mario Alves

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