WealthTech Views

The recently published report "WealthTech Views" published by The Wealth Mosaic, provides answers and questions from 14 technology providers in Asia, Europe, North America and other regions on how technology can support or enhance client engagement in wealth management. For aixigo, Jamie Keen, Country Manager UK & Ireland, answers all questions. 

What exactly is this report or interview about? Jamie Keen, Country Manager UK and Irland answered these questions for aixigo.

  1. What is your view on the current state of the market with regards to how wealth managers manage their engagement with clients? What are they doing well, what are the challenges and what areas could be improved?
  2. What solution does aixigo offer the market and how do you help wealth management firms meet the increasing needs of their clients?


Take a look at the entire report and read the responses from Jamie Keen of aixigo.



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