The new HASPA investment advisory

“For HASPA, the deployment of this investment advisory product represents a serious step forward looking out to the future. Since the very beginning, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from advisors. The software has enabled us to unify and simplify, at a high level, the entire advisory process. Moreover, it has provided legal and compliance certainty for clients, advisors, and HASPA,” says Martin Römling, technical project manager at the Hamburger Sparkasse.

The new HASPA investment advisor comprises several distinct modules, which can be deployed tailored to each target group. An overarching risk profile serves as the basis for all modules, through which the individual risk aversion of clients is assessed in a standardized manner, and subsequently categorized.For the retail sector, two modules, “Save” and “Optimize Wealth”, are available. The advisory of “private banking clients” includes additionally the “strategy advisory” module, within which the client’s investment premises are gathered, and the optimized asset allocation strategy is determined, with the help of a modern, Markowitz portfolio theory-based algorithm. The complete functionality includes as well diverse analytical tools such as Monte-Carlo simulation.

“The deployment of the new investment advisory software has already resulted in new business, and we are convinced that this trend will continue,” says Uwe Steinbock, project lead operations management, at the Hamburg savings bank.

“With the new Haspa investment advisory software it’s possible to present a company-specific business approach in the form of a standardized, top-tier quality, compliant and documented process. The tool’s powerful flexibility enables targeted marketing, while at the same time, the full inclusion of customer requirements upholds a healthy advisor-friendly dynamic,” says Fabian Budde, client project lead at aixigo AG.

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