Mobile banking … or BANK TO GO

This group demands their banks to adjust their products. They want mobile banking. Visiting a bank branch or a personal consultation with their advisor is no longer considered the norm. After all, they have other tools to obtain the necessary information. According to the research report “The Future of Finance” published by Goldman Sachs, one in three members of the tech-savvy generation Y expects to no longer have to visit a conventional bank branch in five years.

Even if this group may currently be less profitable for banks due to its smaller assets, these enlightened autonomous decision-makers are looking for digital and secure financial solutions. This target group is crying for automated investment services —keyword: robo advisors. But besides robo advisors, these clients also use other digital banking products, such as personal financial management, portfolio management services, and other apps — which must also be opened and closed individually. Moreover, data linking between applications is not possible. Due to this disconnection, the convenience and usability of various products is modest at best. This then gives rise to the universal human need to have ONE place where all one’s needs can be met. In other words, people prefer to have access to all banking services in one application. No more jumping between different apps, just comfortably using every function in a secure place.

The BANK TO GO combines all of these features. This all-in-one usability allows for streamlined communication with the client. Both sides have the chance to communicate with each other regardless of time and location. See the contents of the film.


The remote consultation function enables live support over the phone when both the client and the advisor are on their tablets (from-iPad-to-iPad and from-iPad-to-phone). The mutual control of the application is also possible. The client selects the display mode.

Display and linkage:

The display of the advice is a key factor in the quality of the consultancy. With the BANK TO GO, a professional iPad display is automatically generated from a “normal” consulting tool. Your existing solutions can be connected and gain a fresh, modern look thereby. You send us your PDF report and we will convert it into an elegant tablet display. For the purpose of explaining special display contents, experts may be involved in the conversation with the client.


Bank account and securities account data is fully displayed. Bank and securities account statements gain an entirely new form. Connecting to the aixigo portfolio management system or any other system is possible. If new information becomes available, it will be displayed automatically in the “postbox”.

Topics of interest and emotions: 

Use BANK TO GO as an effective marketing channel. Mobile banking allows you to get your brand across in a modern, emotional, and respectable fashion. Integrate your client magazine or youtube channel. Use this channel to retain clients and win new ones. Enter the world of mobile banking one step at a time. Like all our solutions, mobile banking has a modular design. Both “large” and “small” solutions can be implemented. Existing systems can be connected.

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