LaxarJS – aixigo goes OSS

Building on the popular JavaScript framework AngularJS, LaxarJS concentrates on its core competence:  It enables the development of complex applications in the form of manageable, technically meaningful units and the flexible composition of these units into a complete product using the Event Bus. Bespoke development tools and an optional library for recurring, practice-relevant patterns round off the package.


Why Open Source?

For aixigo, the step into the open source world means, that passionate employees can use a platform for their private software projects that they are already accustomed to from their working environment and that other members of the open source community can contribute ideas and improvements. In addition, aixigo offers its partners and customers the opportunity to get their own impression of the quality of the software and, if necessary, to contribute their own components, which can be quickly and easily integrated with jointly defined interfaces.

What makes LaxarJS so special and how it differs from other frameworks can be seen on the first blog entry on the LaxarJS homepage. For further information you can also get a deeper impression of the LaxarJS world and immerse youself in the code with the help of tutorials.

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