Finovate London 2017 – API Services for Portfolio Management

This provides the functionality necessary to cover all aspects of a digital asset management service (e. g. performance measurement, risk monitoring, rebalancing). “We can efficiently evaluate millions of portfolios within just a few minutes”, says Mario Alves, head of marketing and sales.

Even exceptionally large portfolios (over 30.000 transactions, a 10-year history) can be analysed in milliseconds. In addition, aixigo will present the challenge of live communication between client and deposit. The solution — a standard language service which communicates with the APIs. As a result of this unique combination, requests and graphics related to the deposit can be made available faster than ever before. “We are very excited to have the opportunity to present the technical background, as well as the practical application of our technology on stage in London”, says Marcus Gründler, head of the portfolio management system. This innovative technology has the potential to bring about completely new services. Further to these quality-assured services, financial service providers are in the position to quickly and efficiently offer a positive client service. More information can be found on our API website:

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