FinnovateFall 2019 & aixigos similarities with New York

FinovateFall 2018 – aixigo presented its High Performance PMS to the New York audience in September!

We have 2018. For the first time aixigo participates in the Finovate in New York. Why?

Because in our view there is hardly a better place to present our new high performance portfolio management system. This is not being presumptuous, but New York has a lot in common with our high performance PMS.

Digitalisation is not only creating new challenges for cities, but also for financial service providers. Let's briefly illustrate in our video why the terms platform, speed, mass suitability, flexibility, integration, multi entity, and customer experience apply to New York as well as to our high performance PMS.

aixigo’s most far away event: The Aachen based software company impressed the American audience with its high performance portfolio management software

During a 7 minute demo on stage, Mario Alves, Head of Sales and Partner Management, and Marcus Gruendler, Head of Portfolio Management Systems, showed how fast aixigo’s software is. Within 40 seconds they analysed live on stage about 32,000 portfolios – projected in 6 minutes there will be 1,000,000 portfolios analysed.

With a simple but helpful street sign Mario demonstrated the unlimited speed of the software – but the main point is, that aixigo’s software isn’t only the fastest, but it is also flexible and mass suitable. After a conversation with Amazon’s Alexa at the end of the demo, the audience understood what possibilities are given by flexibility, speed and mass suitability.

On Twitter you might have read statements and critics about aixigo’s demo such as „It can be tough to engage the audience when you're presenting intangibles (i.e #wealthtech) - cudos to @aixigo for leveraging humor and visuals in its demo at @Finovate! Well done!“ by Morgan Heidi Sanders or „Enjoying the demos at @Finovate in NYC! Here are a few of our top picks from Day 1: @aixigo @NestReady @Tolerisk“ by KCD PR.

For aixigo itself it was a great start in the US sector. 

Our High Performance Portfolio Management Software in comparison with the top sights of New York

  1. New York provides the livelihood for 8.5 million people from almost every nation in the world. And that's exactly what we do with our API based portfolio management platform for millions of accounts and millions of pieces of data.
    No matter where people come from, New York manages to give people from 150 different nations a home. They are integrated, but can also leave the city at any time via various routes. And everyone leaves with different thoughts after they have entered New York.

    Our high performance API does the same. It absorbs large amounts of data as a raw material from legacy systems, refines them and makes them available to all customer systems. There is no competition with core banking systems, on the contrary, they provide us with the finishing basis. What comes out is faster and more beautiful and it represents a real digital customer experience.
  2. In the comic shop Midtown a real customer experience is offered. Customers receive one hundred percent of the comic that they want. They experience their personal history and are already looking forward to the next edition.

    And that's exactly what you can do with the support of our high performance API services. They use modern voice output media like Amazon Alexa, which reacts individually to their customers' questions in real time. Each customer can determine the sequence of his "story" himself, and this can be done every- and anywhere. Likewise, impressive graphics are created in real time.
  3. In the Central Park Zoo, there is the compound oft he fastest animal of the world. The compound of the peregrine falcon. He has a maximum speed of 322 km / h. So he would need about two hundredths of a second to reach us over a distance of 2 meters. With our high performance API services, you need a maximum of 300 milliseconds for any depot analysis.

  4. Hundreds of prominent people are in the wax museum of Madame Tussauds. It is amazing in how far the characters resemble their orginals. This goes to show how incredibly flexible and highly qualitative the material wax is. It offers extremely individual customization options at any time. And if, for example, Donald Trump wore his peak to the other side, it would just be adjusted.

    In this context, flexibility means being able to respond extremely quickly to customer requirements. The client, a consultant or a portfolio manager ask a question, which is immediately answered. The aixigo API currently comprises almost 100 services. Each of these services can be configured via call parameters. The possibilities resulting from this are almost limitless. This will make your infrastructure fit for the big trends in the investment business.

  5. The New York subway carries millions of passengers every day into all directions. Everyone gets exactly where he wants to go. In order to get this done, complex calculations and complex logistical planning are needed in advance. Because, after all, 4.9 million people a day are a real challenge. That’s what we call mass-suitable.

    As a result, speed alone is not enough, at least if you manage more than one depot. For a depot analysis, you need 300 milliseconds. Thus, an amount of 100,000 deposits, amounts to a processing time of 8 hours. This is not acceptable in today’s fast-moving markets. We are capable of processing 1,000,000 depots in 6 minutes. That is mass suitability.


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