FinDEVr London 2017 – Digital Wealth Management APIs

As part of the presentation, aixigo will configure a business process for monitoring and realigning portfolios in accordance with their investment guidelines, and aixigo will show the application of the portfolio management system in a live coding session. At the end of the session, the audience will see a workflow that identifies portfolios in need for rebalancing and then automatically reconciles them with the individual investment guidelines.

"The core component of our portfolio management system is a powerful in-memory engine. Current programming models often waste the performance of modern CPUs due to slow memory access. Our new, stream-oriented algorithm engine optimises data access in a manner that allows the CPU to perform calculations 100-200 times faster than classical algorithms," said Marcus Gründler (Head of Portfolio Management, aixigo AG).

This high-performance engine provides complex functionalities not only for mass operations for a variety of customers, but also an extremely low single-request latency in scenarios such as analytics, securities account monitoring, or rebalancing.

The digital portfolio management solution from aixigo not only provides extremely fast response times for voice interaction, but can also be used to perform mass calculations for millions of portfolios within a few minutes. This technology lays the foundation for new business models (for example, in wealth management) in the retail market, which up to now was only possible for customers with high fixed assets.

"We are very pleased to have yet another opportunity to present the technical background of this technology we have developed on a stage in London," said Mario Alves (Head of Sales & Partner Management, aixigo AG).


Hier geht’s zum Interview mit einem Präsentatoren, Marcus Gründler.

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