enterJS. Showtime.

Through a sponsoring by aixigo we were given the chance to introduce aixigo’s open source project LaxarJS to a larger audience for the first time. Organizers of the conference, with focus on professional development of current applications with JavaScript, are heisedpunkt.verlag and the native web.

Although sponsoring was on the agenda, the editors rated our presentationas a “technical entry” and assigned us to the forefront, in the largest hall available, based on increased interest among the participants and the editorial staff – pretty rare for a sponsored entry .

During the 45-minute presentation, Alexander Wilden and Michael Kurze explained the basic uses of isolated special components for realizing complex front ends, how they are above all relevant to the corporate world, and how LaxarJS supports this in development. The approach was further illustrated by means of a concrete use case.

The talk was met with general interest, documented by app. 150 conference participants in attendance, as well as a lively discussion period following.

Along with the conference’s successful location at Darmstadtium, the professional organization and the organizers’ friendly support left an especially positive impression for all involved.

Further information about LaxarJS and the current status of development can of course be found at the project’s website and blog.

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