aixigo founded digital asset management company

As a joint venture with Rhein Asset Management (Luxembourg and Düsseldorf) we have founded investify. investify is a digital asset manager based in Luxembourg. investify offers individual asset management for almost everyone and a complete digital customer experience, from opening an account to performance reporting.


Aachen, January 2016 - The Aachen-based software company aixigo has founded a fully digital asset management joint venture with Rhein Asset Management.

The name of the new company is "investify". The offering includes individual asset management integrated into a fully digital advisory process. The licence for Investify has been applied for at the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF - Luxembourg Financial Market Authority).


Digital money investment is a growth segment that is developing rapidly after the introduction of specific offers and will take a decisive share of the capital investment market. Investify will serve exactly this market, but in a different way. Investors can tailor their personal investment strategy based on their individual ideas of investment themes. In addition to the consideration of all legal requirements, the emotional and ethical view of the client also plays a central role here. The target group is all private clients in Europe. Investify received one of the coveted places at the Finovate innovation fair in London on 9 and 10 February 2016 for its debut.

Our motivation

In our view, the market for digital financial investment is growing and is now developing towards broader customer acceptance after various services have been introduced. Digital investing will have an appropriate share of the whole investment market. Due to its long-standing expertise in digitalization of investment processes, aixigo is in the right position for independently developing such services and bringing them to market. investify will break the mold in design and advising methodology.

We did not want to approach this innovation from an „suppliers“ point of view. In order to achieve our goal it was important to us to make our ideas happen and to solely concentrate on the investing customer.

Therefore, we decided to independently develop a marketsolution which we believe will be successful. We are convinced that having the full innovative strength of a “competitor” on board would also create new benefits for our existing customers.

Our journey to investify

We have been an innovative and reliable partner of the financial service industry for years. In this position we developed the first system for risk profiling of private customers, an incredibly fast portfolio management system for multi-channel use and investment advice systems which are distinguished by being well designed, success-orientated and high regulatory security.

In Rhein Asset Management we found a renowned and competent partner for asset management. In our joint venture we have combined our resources to establish, develop and operate a digital asset management company successfully.

From processes to compliance, to user experience and security, we have considered all factors required for success. This knowledge will also be available for aixigo customers in the future. The deep understanding of the regulatory and procedural technical requirements of asset management were just as important in this initiative as the design or the digital customer experience.

We have converted these insights fully into solutions for all processes of the digital asset manager and have implemented these in and with our platform aixigo:one. In order to implement the complete consulting service as a digital asset manager in the whole of Europe, investify will have a CSSF licence in Luxembourg.

investify – What are the next steps?

investify will be debuting at the Finovate in London, where it will be presented to the press and an expert audience. Once the license has been awarded investify will go live for customers.

aixigo will make both the knowledge gained and the technologies developed available to its customers. Please feel welcome to talk to us about this. In addition we are interested in collaborations for investify.

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