4 million customers – worlds possibly largest Standard Portfolio Management System has gone productive!

Until now our single largest installation has held 1.3 million clients and their securities accounts. Now this product has been expanded to over 4 million clients. This really makes us proud – and we will continue to see the technological development of our products as unique part of our positioning.

Wealth Management Platform is live

High quality portfolio information and processes are now available for all types of clients or internal users. They will be up-to-date and easy accessible through standardized methods. The graph shows, which data is being captured and analysed and which value is created.

For our customer it has been of highest importance to attain these capabilities because they were essential for his path to investment digitalisation.

In daily practice this means that the bank will develop all new investment applications using the standard API provided by aixigos Wealth Management Platform. Beside extensive services for analytics and information the API contains complex processes such as post-sale reporting, monitoring and rebalancing.

Better customer experience is agile

Information, which, today, is only available for very wealthy clients of other financial institutions, can now be part of the enriched customer, i. e. customer experience this bank will provide. This delivers more value to the client with near zero marginal costs. Ground-breaking or even pivotal is the fact that our customer can now become truly agile and much faster in designing their service through this powerful backend-system. Client experience will be build on a highly reliable foundation and can be adapted fast. Without fearing the ever present “horror” of changing the legacy core systems.

Saving time and cost internally

Internal users will also profit because actuate, correct and reliable information regarding investments and portfolios are really needed throughout the whole bank. Clients can not only retrieve this information very easily, but the API makes it very easy to simply integrate this everywhere. In comparison to the previous architecture data interfaces have come down from 40 to ONE. One example is internal risk management, which needs value and risk of portfolios on a daily basis for credit risk management. This process has become much easier with having just one single trusted source of information.

Sustainable success for today and the future

This project has delivered tangible sustainable gains in capabilities and saves also time, money and resources. And in the future these service gains will lead to new service offerings regarding the security portfolio. We are curious to see which use cases are there to come for our product. To cite a customer executive: “The aixigo API is the infrastructure for digitalisation of the personal investment business for all types of customers and clients as well as all channels.”

Which bank is innovating so radically?

Well, we can’t tell. Not that we wouldn’t want too. But our discretion is even higher than our technological expertise. So if you want to learn more, we are happy to provide everything that you are looking for: solutions@aixigo.de

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