Our Services in Consulting

Not only does aixigo offer professional and technical consultancy services in the implementation project of your financial software solution, aixigo also offers consulting services for project initiation or for business development independant of a project.

In consulting & business development, we use a network of experienced consultants and also share our wealth of expertise and experience - a solid combination to give you professional advice. For the concrete analysis of requirements for processes and solutions in the financial sector and the subsequent solution concept development, we bring our successful project exploration approach with us and effectively reduce project risks.

Solution Design including Requirements Engineering

At aixigo, solution design and requirements engineering come together in the project exploration. With a well-founded analysis of the requirements and the creation of a rough functional concept based on identified gaps, we work with you to set the course for a successful project for your solution. This approach is the ideal preparation for a project start as it minimises risk without impeding on the high degree of flexibility.

Our services

Results of the project exploration

  • Functional prototype for the relevant business processes
  • Overview and characteristics of the identified interfaces
  • Architectural concept for integration into your systems
  • Allocation of tasks to the project participants


Steps of the project exploration

  1. We use our established "power session" format to start off with the project exploration in which we first analyse the functional and technical requirements and framework conditions as part of an intensive joint working week.
  2. In the subsequent two- to three-week design phase, we develop a draft solution in the form of a functional prototype.
  3. The final step is a second power session, in which we finalise the solution draft together in several iterations. Based on this, we check the suitability of existing aixigo base functionalities, identify necessary interfaces, develop the architectural concept and assign project tasks.
  4. We do not require time-consuming post-processing for the documentation of work results. You receive the results immediately after the final power session week exactly how they were created during the power session. These are e.g. presentation slides, photo protocols of jointly developed concepts or digitally created mockups for technical solutions.

Exemplary Project Exploration for download

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Your benefits

  • A deep understanding of your requirements
  • Active joint design of the solution
  • Early results by using aixigo blueprints
  • A clear picture as a basis for calculation and planning
  • Minimised project risks
  • High flexibility

Consulting and Business Development

Whether a specific software concept or a first-time software consulting - we can support you with our consulting and business development services. In addition to our own consulting services, aixigo offers a network of consulting partners for the banking sector and for the required financial software. We will be happy to support you ourselves or bringing you into contact with experts.

Your advantage

  • Instant access to expertise, without time-consuming supplier research
  • Competent consulting offers, that are well established on the market
  • Reliable partners in cooperation

Further services for your software project

In addition to our consulting services, we can support you during the project implementation of your software solution.

Project Implementation with aixigo