Digital Transformation in Banking

The digital transformation in banks poses huge challenges for wealth management worldwide. The focus has changed to the competition for market share. It is a competition based on efficiency, because costs are rising and are offset by lower revenues.

Challenges of Digitalisation in the Financial Sector

Regulation is making the wealth management business increasingly complex and thus more cost-intensive in terms of production. In addition, there are rising customer expectations of a modern digital experience, which is available at all times, innovative and above all individual. On top of this, cost pressure from competitors and cost transparency is increasing.

The Solution to the Problem: Financial Software that Meets the Challenges of Digitalisation

These are all side effects of the digitalisation of the financial sector that is leading to a paradigm shift in IT. Modern IT architecture is flexible, fast and suitable for the masses all at the same time. It enables continuous "change the bank" scenarios without endangering the stability of "run the bank".

The Right Digitalisation Partner? aixigo.

With its high-performance platform, aixigo offers an API-based technology that addresses the professional and technical challenges in today's wealth management.

On this basis, aixigo offers technologies and software solutions for various applications in digital banking. From portfolio analysis, discretionary portfolio management or regulatory compliant investment advisory to innovative portfolio risk management. aixigo's financial software offers you digital efficiency, digital experiences and a real competitive edge.

Our financial software solutions for digital transformation in the banking industry

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