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For the Demanding Business of Investing Money in Digital Times


Modern asset management encompass a broad spectrum of services that go far beyond traditional wealth management. From a forward-looking pensions concept to the purchase of the right investment and the financing of one's own property, the focus is on each individual client requirement.

To ensure that comprehensive wealth planning remains scalable for a large number of clients, financial service providers are encouraged to optimise their processes through automation and digitisation.  Only in this way can established service providers continue to withstand the pressure from fintech and technology giants in the future.

Digital Asset Management with aixigo

At aixigo we have been supporting the wealth management and asset management of banks and financial service providers with financial software for many years. Our wealth management software solutions focus on the core tasks of holistic wealth planning. With our asset management software solutions, we support the core tasks of the securities business in terms of portfolio analysis, investment advice, discretionary portfolio management and risk management of portfolios.

The unique capabilities of our software platform - speed, mass suitability and flexibility - enable us to develop suitable solutions for the demanding target groups of wealth management and thus provide relationship managers and portfolio managers with tools that ideally support them in the complex business with their demanding clients.

Our software solutions for digital transformation in the financial sector

aixigos software for asset and wealth management is an engine for digital transformation in the financial industry. We digitise and automate precisely the processes that software can perform faster and more reliably than people, while at the same time are less visible to financial services customers. The wealth manager or asset manager thus gains freedom for value-adding activities that require the human factor in order to secure the trust and acceptance of the client. The result is efficient and industry-proven wealth management solutions that deliver new portfolio insights for wealth managers, ideally support the advisory process, facilitate the intensive management of individual mandates or provide professional and solid information on risks. 

Software solutions for financial banking

Take a detailed look at our software solutions and discover the variable functionalities of the financial software - perfectly suited for use in wealth management!

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